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     In January of 1778, General Philip Schuyler sent a belt to the Six Nations, asking them to a council at Johnstown in February.  The Senecas refused to participate in the council because of Oriskany the year before and the Cayugas also were not interested in the council. The council was delayed until March because of the delay in gathering the Indians for the council.
            On March 7th, the council assembled at Johnstown as requested by General Schuyler.  About 700 Indians consisting of Tuscaroras, Onondagas, Oneidas, a few Mohawks and a few Cayugas had assembled at Johnstown. General Schuyler, the Marquis de LaFayette, James Duane and a few others also were at the council.
            The purpose of the council was to have the Nations represented to side with the Americans or at least remain neutral. After a few days the council ended with only the Oneidas and the Tuscaroras pledging their friendship to the Continental Congress.
            How long the Marquis de LaFayette remained at Johnstown is unknown but he wrote a letter on March 9 at Johnstown to Colonel Peter Gansevoort of the Third New York Continental Regiment who was in command at Fort Schuyler concerning a Loyalist named Carleton who was believed to be in the area.
*Jeptha R. Simms, Frontiersmen of New York, Vol. 2, p 145.

July the 9th 1778
     This is to let you know that Julius told Last Night by a certain tory woman that all the people in Mayfield and in Scotch Bush is making up a great Company so as to be ready to Joyn the ingins  John Mires says he can Rais thirty Men in Albany Bush and is going this week so as to get them Ready and John Ensey is to have all the Scotch Ready and the Scotch that lives at Bousers place is to go to Camels Bush to get them over the way you will be sure is worn Mayfield and the Scotch Bush to come to town and you will find they will not come if you don't take good care you will have all them to fight as well as the Rest of the Scotch it does no good to Let you know my name because I will find out More I pretended I was a great Tory So you take good care and you will find Every one of them out at Mayfield is in the gang only old Woodard and son I believe they have some officer in the Scotch Bush so I am a good frind to the Contry.  A Letter without a Signer
To Cornell fisher at Johnstown
No. 5
Secret Service Intelligence From Different Parts in the Year 1780
Source: Gen. Frederick Haldimand Papers, British Museum, England, MSS 21842


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