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A Return of Militia Capt. Bratts Compy Collo. Yates's Regt Fort George June 1th 1780

Capt. Gerret Teuness Bratt [Garret Teunis Bradt]
Ensign John V[an] Wormer
Jonathan Powel
Peter V[an] Buskerk
Tunis ConKhite
Fradarick Oderkerk
John Hogel
John Seal
Bernhert [Barnhart], Fradarick
Bernhert, Henry
Berhert, Joseph
Bovee, Jacob
Bovee, Peter
Brown, David
Brown, Henry
Brown, Hezekiah
Bunday Elija[h]
Bunda, Nathaniel
Bunda, Simeon
Chase, Abraham

Freeman, Isaac
Griffith, A[a]ron
Hogel, Abraham [Hogle, Hogal, etc.]
Hogel, Francis
Lempmen [Lampman], Abraham
Lempmen, Peter
Lensing [Lansing], Henry
Okeley [Oakley], Stephen
Ostrender [Ostrander]
Ostrender, Peter
Pierce, Benjamin
Pierce, David
Pierce, Levy [Levi]
Pierce, Norris
Powel, Thomas
Powel, William
Rickert, John
Rose, Benjamin
Tise, John
V[an]Buren, Marthen [Martin]
Vrandenburgh, John
Wallis, Thimoty [Timothy]
Wells, George
Whithford, Cillip [Caleb]

Treveled [Traveled] fifty-five miles
            Capt. Bratt, Ensign Van Wormer with 2 sergeants and 21 privates of the Company served from May 26 to June 1st having served seven days.
            Sergeant Van Buskerk with 3 corporals and 14 privates remained to June 7th having served 13 days.
            Fort George stood near Fort William Henry which had been destroyed in 1757 by the French.
            The remnants of Fort George are now part of the Fort George State Park, Village of Lake George, N.Y.
Source: Col. Peter Yates Regiment, Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, Roll 78, Series M-246, National Archives, Washington D.C.

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