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Pension Application for Samuel Searlis or Searles

            Declaration of a Revolutionary Soldier who served in the MILITIA, to obtain a Pension under the Act of Congress, passed June 7, 1832.
State of New York
Erie County SS.
            On this 6th day of December 1832, personally appeared in open Court before the Court of Common Pleas, now sitting at Buffalo, in said County, Samuel Searles a resident of Wales in the County of Erie and State of New York, aforesaid, aged 78 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress, passed June 7, 1832, That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers, and served as herein stated.
            He was born in the Town of Northcastle in the County of Westchester in the State of New York on the 18th day of September 1754, he has no record of his age and knows of none.  He was living at the Town of Northcastle aforesaid when he entered the service of the United States and made it his home when he served during the war, he moved from there to the Town of Coeyman’s in Albany County in the State aforesaid and he moved from Coeymen’s to the Town of Broadalbin in the County of Montgomery in the state aforesaid and from there to the Town of Wales in the County of Erie where he now resides.
            And this deponent further says that he enlisted into the Militia of the State of New York at Newcastle aforesaid about the first of August in the year of 1776 for one year and served the time out under the following named officers: viz: General McDougal does not remember his first name & the Colonel’s mane was Thomas Thomas & the Major’s name was William Stevens, and the Captain was Benjamin Ogden and the Lieutenants name was Jeremiah Hunter & the Orderly Sergeant’s name was Francis [Surdy? Purdy?], and the others he does not remember.  Immediately after he enlisted he was marched to Merrinack (as it was called) where the[y] staid about one month and then returned to White Plains where they had a battle with the British commanded by General Howe and they (the Americans) retreated up to Peekskill where they went into their winter quarters and staid until about the first of April 1777, when they were marched to Vanplank’s Point where they went to fortify and staid until his time expires on the first of August 1777, when he was discharged by his Captain at VanPlank’s Point.  His discharge was burned in his house about 30 years since.  And that he served for the full period of one year the term of his engagement.
            And this deponent further states that he volunteered into the militia of the State of New York about the first of August 1777, which was the next day after received his discharge as aforesaid for one year at Peekskill and served his time out as guides for the regular Army between Peekskill & New York. The officers which he was under during this year are so numerous that he cannot remember their names.  And he further states that he was in a skirmish at Horse Neck in the State of Connecticut with some Tories under the command Colonel James Dullencil (or a name which was pronounced like that), about the first of October of that year.  He served his time out as aforesaid and was discharged by his Captain at a place called Fishkill about the first of August 1778. The Captain’s name of whom he received his discharge was Jacob Familiar.  He discharge which he received was burned in his house as aforesaid in the Town of Broadalbin in Montgomery County New York.
            And he further says that he has no other or Documentary evidence.  That he knows of no one who can testify positively as to his service, and he [torn] that Joseph Morrey and Isaac Hall are persons who he is acquainted with in his present neighbourhood and who he offers as witnesses as to his reputation for truth and veracity and as to their belief as to his being a soldier of the Revolution and there is not clergyman residing near his present residence. And he further states that all the above services were rendered as a private soldier.
            Recollect of seeing Genl. Washington, Gen. Putnam, Gates, Col. Wills & his Continental Regt.  His regt lay in the Town of North Castle Westchester Co., NY in the winter of 1776 & 1777.  Col. Green’s Regt from Massachusetts he saw at Fernpond in said Westchester County Col. Green was killed by the British.  Recollects Militia officers Capt. Mosher (Wm) & Capt. Purdy & Capt. Benoni Platt.
            We Joseph Morrey residing in the town of Wales and County of Erie and Isaac Hall residing in the same place, hereby certify, that we are well acquainted with Samuel Searles who has subscribed and sworn to the foregoing declaration; that we believe him to be 78 years of age; that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have bee a soldier of the Revolution, and that we concur in that opinion.  (Signed) Isaac Hall, Joseph Morey.
            Subscribed and Sworn, this 6th day of December 1832.  Noah P. Sprague, Clerk of Erie Common Pleas.

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