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Pension Application for Samuel Abbot or Abbott

State of New York
Cayuga County SS.
            On this 18th day of April AD 1833, personally appeared before me Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in & for the said County Samuel Abbot of Ira in said County aged 80 years & upwards, who being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1833.  That he entered the service under the following named officers and served as herein stated.
            That he was born in the town of Gailsbury in the State of Connecticut AD 1752 and has no record of his age—When he was about nine years of age he removed from Gailsbury aforesaid to St. Croix in the County of Albany & State of New York where he continued to reside until the commencement of the Revolutionary War.  That in the month of January AD 1776 he entered the service as a volunteer in the company of Militia commanded by Capt. John Rensselaer first Lieut Michael Ryon & second Lieut Josiah Tamage and marched with said company under the command of Gen. Schuyler to Johnstown now in the County of Montgomery for the purpose of capturing the son of Sir William Johnson and continued in said service as he verily believes a term of fifteen days.—
            He further says that about the tenth of June 1776 he enlisted into a company of State troops commanded by Capt. Samuel Hodge first Lieut. Phenner Palmer & 2d Lieut. Nathan Smith in the Regiment commanded as he believes by Col. VanDyke for a term of five months.  That he marched with said company to Fort George where he was stationed & continued to serve until the middle of August following as he believes when he hired a substitute to serve the remainder of said term of five months and returned home having served a term of two months and five days as he verily believes—He further says that in the month of June 1777 he again entered said service as a volunteer in the company of militia commanded by Captain John Starkes & Lieut. Ezekiel Haman and marched to Ticonderoga where he was stationed and continued to serve until the sixth of July following when said place was evacuated at the approach of Gen. Burgoine, that he was in the service at this time a term of three weeks as he verily believes—that previous to the commencement of said last mentioned service he had removed to the town of Pollet in the State of Vermont—He further says that in the forepart of June 1779 he enlisted at the town of Pollet aforesaid into a company of Rangers commanded by Capt. Thomas Sawyer & Lieut. Holbrook as he believes, that he marched to Rutland where he was stationed as a guard upon the frontiers for a term of two months when he was discharged that he had no colonel as he believes, if he had there was none where he was stationed.  That whilst stationed at Rutland he was engaged in Scouting upon the northern frontiers nearly all the time—to protect the inhabitants from the incursions of the enemy from Canada.  He further says that early in the Spring of the year 1780 he again entered said service in a company of Militia commanded by Captain Parmerly Allen as he believes that he was stationed at Castleton under said Captain (who commanded a small detachment of men at that place) for a term of ten days when he was dismissed and returned home that he entered said service to supply the Garrison at that place until the regular quota of men should be raised to guard the frontiers—He further says that about the middle of July AD 1780 he was again called into said service as a volunteer in a company of state troops commanded by said Captain Parmerly Allen and was stationed at Castleton aforesaid a term of one month when he was discharged and sent home on account of a lameness occasioned by a burn upon his foot, received whilst in the service. That his lameness continued one month, making on the whole a term of two months that there was no surgeon or hospital at Castleton so that it became necessary for him to be removed in order to receive medical and surgical aid.
            That his whole term of service as he believes including the one month of sickness as aforesaid amounts to seven months and twenty one days as he verily believes—that he never received a written discharge from said service and has no documentary proof thereof that he removed from Pollet aforesaid soon after the close of the War to Hebron in the County of Washington in the State of New York where he has continued to reside ever since and where he now resides.  That he has above set forth the names of his regiment and company officers as far as he can remember—that a great part of the time he had no Regiment officers but served in a small detachment guarding the frontiers—that Ticonderoga was commanded by Gen. St. Clair when that place was evacuated—That Jeremy T. Tallman of Ira aforesaid is a clergyman and John Barnes of the same town is a layman that they both live in his neighborhood are well acquainted with him and can testify as to his character for truth and their belief of his services as a soldier of the Revolution that whilst in said service he saw Gen. St. Clair, Gen. Schuyler, Gen. Starkes, Col. Warner & others.
            He hereby relinquishes all claim to a pension except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any state or territory.  (Signed with his mark)  Samuel Abbott.
            Sworn & Subscribed the day & year aforesaid before me.  Augustus F. Ferris one of the judges of the Cayuga County Courts.

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