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Information on James Adams

            There is a letter in the foldier for James Adams, written in response to a request for information.
            In reply to your letter which was received on the 17th Ultimo, your are advised that this Brueau is unable to furnish the history of a soldier of the Revolution, unless a claim for pension or bounty land has been made on account of his services and in order to identify such a claim, in addition to the full name of th soldier, the State to which he rendered service should be furnished.  Only two reports are made for each inquirer.

           In the Report of the Secretary of War in relation to the Pension Establishment of the United States, which was printed in 1835, on the list of invalid pensioners on the roll of the New York Agency, whose residence and other information in regard to them could not be ascertained, on account of the destruction of papers when the War Office was burned in 1800 and 1814; appears the name of James Adams, a Sergeant of the Recvlutionary Army, pensioned at $60 per annum, noted as “Dead”.

           There is no further data on file relative to said soldier, and no data on file as to his family.

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