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Disability Application for Mathew Adams

S. 28,212
B. Mar. 10, 1754
In 1786 & 1828 res. Orange Co. NY
D. Feb 12, 1832
Private in Company Commanded by Capt. Bleeker in the US Army, Rev’y War.
By Richard Varich and Richard Platt of the City of New York Esquires.
            This is to certify, that in pursuance of the Law of the State of New York Entitled “An Act making Provisions for Officers, Soldiers and Seamen who have been disabled in the Service of the United States” Passed the 22nd of April 1786.  We have examined Mathew Adams of Goshen in the County of Orange, Taylor, and find that he was a soldier in Captain Leonard Bleecker’s Company in the first New York Regiment in the Service of the United States, commanded by Colonel Goose VanSchaick, that while in the service aforesaid in the company and regiment aforesaid to wit in the month of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & eighty one at Dobb’s Ferry he received three wounds in his right arm and four in his body from a Sentinal by means of which he is so far disabled as to be rendered incapable of obtaining his livelihood by Labour.  That on the tenth Day of March last he was thirty two years of age wherefore in pursuance of the Law aforesaid we do further certify that upon the principles of the act of Congress of the seventh day of June 1785 the said Mathew Adams is entitled to received from the Treasurer of this State a year’s pension of sixty dollars.  Given under our hands, this tenth day of June 1786.  Rich. Varick, Rich. Platt.

State of New York
Orange County SS
            Mathew Adams of the Town of Warwick Orange County New York being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he is the identical Mathew Adams named in a certificate signed by Richard Varick and Richard Platt and dated the tenth day of June in the year 1786 which certificate is hereunto affixed—That the facts stated in said certificate of the said Richard Varick and Richard Platt as to the service of this Deponent in the United States Army in the war of the Revolution; the wounds he therein received, and his said disability there from resulting are true—That this Deponent’s said disability still exists—That this Deponent has received a Pension from the Government of the United States at the rate of eight dollars per month until the 4th of September 1823—That since that time the payment of his said Pension has been refund at the New York Agency office where there to for it had been paid to him—That formerly this Deponent resided in Goshen in said Orange County as stated in the aforesaid certificate, but that he now resides in Warwick Orange County New York and has so done for the time of eleven years, or thereabouts, last past, and further saith not.  (Signed with his mark)  Mathew Adams
            Sworn and Subscribed to before me this 11th of September 1824.  Edw’d L. Wetting, Justice of the Peace.

Letter written in response to an inquiry, dated May 20, 1920.
            From the papers in the pension claim, Invalid File No. 28, 212, it appears that Mathew Adams was born March 10, 1754, place not stated, and served during the Revolution in Captain Leonard Bleecker’s Company Colonel Goose VanSchaick’s New York Regiment, dates of enlistment and discharge not given, and while in the service at Dobb’s Ferry in August 1781, he was wounded three times in the right arm and four times in the body by a sentinel.  He was pensioned for disability resulting from said wounds at the rate of $60 per annum.  He resided at Goshen, Orange County, New York in 1786 and in Warwick, Orange County, New York, in 1824 and he died February 12, 1832.  There is no data on file as to his family.

            In another deposition he states he lost his certificate and 1818 his pension was raised to eight dollars per month.  He appealed for a new certificate.

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