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Pension Application for John Adamy or Adams

R.37 (Widow: Elizabeth)
b. Nov. 8, 1766 in Canajoharie NY res. 1846 Sharon, Schoharie Co., NY d. Mar 9, 1846
State of New York
Schoharie County SS.
            On this 19th day of February 1844, personally appeared before Robert Eldridge a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Schoharie aforesaid, John Adamy a resident of Sharon, County of Schoharie & State of New York aged seventy eight years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.—
            That he entered the service of the United States in the fore part of May 1781—as a volunteer and was enrolled as such in the company under the command of Captain Adam Lipe in the Regiment under the command of Col. Clyde of the New York Militia that his first service was down in the Fort Plain Block house in serving as a guard at such Fort, at which service he took his turn regularly with the rest of said company, & while not engaged in the duty of a drill—he being the youngest recruit in said company—that in June after his first service commenced, he was out with an express to Capt. Roof’s village, now Canajoharie a few days after he carried another express to the upper Fort called Fort Plank, that in the month of July or early in August following he was sent with a detachment under the command of Lieutenant Gross or Gros as a scout scout [sic] to a place then called Durlock now in the town of Sharon, by order of as he thinks Col. Willett—That while on such scout the party to which he belonged discovered an Indian Scout on which then had apparently passed a larger force within a few horses, that three of the party separated from the main body of the scouting party and discovered an encampment of Indians, near a cedar swamp -- that on the return of said party to Fort Plain Col. Willet, ordered an additional body of men to surprise the encampment, of the enemy, that he was informed that Col. Willet was found on his march by another force commanded by Maj McKean, that as he believed the party succeeded in destroying & putting to flight, the enemy at which time Maj.  McKean was mortally wounded, & that he saw the corpse of the Major and attended the funeral—That he continued doing guard duty, in such fort and serving the officers of his company when called on, in taking care of their horses, & other duties, until near the beginning of winter, when his duty as a sentinel was only occasionally as a surprise was not expected at that season of the year.—
            That for full seven months he was wholly engaged in the services above named, & did no civil service during said term—that during the winter of 1781, 1782, he still remained in the said Fort, subject to the orders of the officers of the Fort, and performing the duty of Servant to the same—that he was not ordered on as guard—in the winter months—that in month of April –in the spring of 1782—he was again enrolled as a volunteer in the same company of Capt. Lipe, (being then in his Fifteenth year) and services as follows—
            That his first service was in cleaning out & putting the fort in repair, and in mounting guard—that he daily answered at Roll Call—and performed all such duties as his officers required of him—That some time in June of the same year & by order of Captain Lipe he carried an express from Fort Plain to the Fort at Stone Arabia, called Fort Paris, said Express being directed to Major Andrew Fink. That he from that place, again returned to Fort Plain and resumed his usual Garrison duties—where he continued in the daily performance of such services, until the last of October or early in November following; when he was again sent by his Capt. With an express to Fort Hunter; from which place he immediately returned to his former duties—at Fort plain—That during the full period of eight months, he was wholly occupied in the performance of Garrison duty at said Fort Plain, & in carrying expresses, as above named, and that he did no Civil service in the time named above—
            That in the winter of 1782 & 1783—the Militia and volunteers, were not required to mount guard, but that he for the whole of said winter was under the control of the officers of the Fort, and did not other duty or business except obeying the orders of such officers.
            That in the spring of 1783 he was enrolled in the company of Capt. Adam Lipe, being then sixteen years of age and subject to military duty—(he did not volunteer--) after which enrollment he did no military service not being called on by his officers.
            And he further states that he has no documentary evidence, and that he knows of no person whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his services—
            And for the services heretofore named he now claims a pension, and arrears of Pension from March 4th 1831 to the present time according to the provisions of said act of June 7, 1832—
            He hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.  (Signed) John Adamy
            Sworn and subscribed the day & year aforesaid.  Robert Eldridge, Judge of Schoharie County Courts.
The following are the answers to the interrogatories required by the rules of the War Department.
            Answer to Interogatory No. 1, in Canajoharie on the 8th day of Nov. 1766.
            To No. 2.  Yes, in my family Bible copied from my Father’s Bible.
            To No. 3.  Canajoharie as then called.  Soon after the close of the War he removed to Sharon Schoharie County where he lived till the year 1810 he then removed to Susquehanna County where he resided 14 years he then removed again to Sharon aforesaid where he has since resided.
            To No. 4.  As a volunteer.
            To No. 5.  Col. Willet, Maj. House, Maj or Capt. McKean, Capt. Lipe, Lieutenant Mattice, Nicholas Bard as Ensign, Capt. Gross.  General circumstances of services as named in declaration.
            To No. 6.  Never rec’d a written discharge as it was not customary among the Militia.
            To. No. 7.  George Bouck, David Becker, Abraham Mereness, Jacob Fester, John N. Sommer, Nicholas Sommer, Peter VanDerwerker, Peter Roseberg, John Pinder.
            I certify that in my opinion the said John Adamy by reason of old age & Bodily infirmity is unable to appear in Open Court.  Robert Eldridge, Judge.

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