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Pension Application for Alexander Anderson

Private N. York Line for 6 years.  Livingston’’s NY Regt 1777 to 1780, in Colonel Van Cortland’s Regiment 1780 to end of war.
State of New York
Chenango County SS.
            Personally appeared before me Tilly Lynde one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Chenango, Alexander Anderson aged fifty years and upwards and a resident of the said County and an applicant under the act of Congress of 18th March 1818 who being duly sworn did say that by reason of his reduced circumstances in life he is in need of assistance from his country for support that he never had any pension allowed him by the laws of the United States—that he served as a soldier in the war of the revolution against the common enemy for six years an longer that he enlisted in Capt. Albins Company in Col. Livingston[‘s] Regiment in Johnstown in the State of New York on about the first day of January 1777 that he continued to serve in said regiment about four years was then deranged into Col. Cortland’s regiment where he continued to served until the end of the war when he was honorably discharged by his Excellency George Washington at New Winser [Windsor] huts or Snake Hill near West Point in the State of New York.  Was in the battles of White Plains, Fort Stanwicks, at the taking of Cornwallis at Yorktown and others and that he has no other evidence now in his power of his said services.  (Signed) Alexander Anderson

Letter written in reply to a request for information.  Dated May 2, 1935.
            The data which follow were obtained from the papers on file in Revolutionary War pension claim, S.45215, based upon the military service in that war of Alexander Anderson.
            The date and place of birth and the names of the parents of Alexander Anderson are not shown.
            Alexander Anderson was in the battle of White Plains; no details of this service given; he enlisted January 1, 1777, at Johnstown, New York, served in Captains James Robichaux & John Baptist Allen’s Companies, Colonel Livingston’s New York Regiment, and in Colonel VanCortland’s New York Regiment, was in the battle at Fort Stanwix, and at the taking of Cornwallis at Yorktown and was discharged at the close of the war, having served more than six years.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed May 8, 1818, at which time he was aged fifty years “and upwards” and resided in Chenango County, New York.
            In 1820, soldier stated that his family then residing with him consisted of his wife, her name, age and date of their marriage not shown and three children, a son and two daughters, aged respectively, eighteen, fifteen, and ten years.  The names of the children are not stated.

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