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Pension Application for Charles Anderson

S.28621  Conductor of Military Stores.  His pension was $522.50 per annum.
State of New York
Town of Kirkland County of Oneida SS.
            On this 24th day of May 1851, personally appeared before me William H. Hubbard a Justice of the Peace in and for the county aforesaid duly qualified to administer oaths, Parmelia Anderson,  Charles Anderson, Susan Frances Anderson, Warren Anderson, Clarissa Cornelia Anderson, and Othinel S. Williams the Guardian of Harriet Anderson, Elisabeth Anderson, Henry Cotheal Anderson, and Myra Mary Anderson, infants under the age of twenty one years, who made oath in due form of law that Charles Anderson of the State of New York was a conductor of [?] in the Army of the Revolution was a pensioned and is now dead to whom a pension certificate was issued bearing date March Sixth eighteen hundred and thirty five by which he became entitled to receive three hundred and twenty dollars per annum during his natural life commencing on the fourth of March 1831-and payable semiannually on the 4th of March and fourth of September in every years, and that they are informed and believe that by a decision of the department, said Charles Anderson was entitled to have received for the period aforesaid four hundred and eighty dollars per annum, that said Charles Anderson died on the tenth day of October eighteen hundred and forty two and that his wife Elisabeth died on the thirteenth day of August eighteen hundred and thirty eight that said Charles Anderson left surviving him at the time of his death seven children to wit: William Anderson, Warner, Anderson Myra Anderson, Elisabeth wife of Charles Carter, Jane Anderson, Phoebe Anderson, and Mary Anderson, that William died January 10, 1847 leaving Parmelia his widow and eight children, his widow, and eight children, Charles, Susan Frances, Warren, and Clarissa Cornelas who are now over the age of twenty one years.  Harriet born April 13, 1832, Elisabeth born July 23d 1843, Henry Cotheal born December 3d 1838, and Myra Mary born October 31st 1841.  That Warner the son of said Charles Anderson died Feburary 17, 1843 leaving two children but no widow to wit.  Susan A. & James Seguine both of whom are now of legal age and that the aforenames persons are all the children and descendants of said Charles Anderson, now entitled to the sum of one hundred and sixty dollars per annum from the fourth day of March 1831 to the 10th day of October 1842 and that this affidavit is now made for the purpose of drawing or receiving such arrears or sum payable to such of them and in such proportion as may be conformable to the statute and the decision of the Department.  That the said Charles Anderson the deceased Pensioner resided in the City and State of New York for more than seven years before his death.  (Signed) Parmelia Anderson,  Charles Anderson, Susan F. Anderson, Warren Anderson, Clarissa Cornelia Anderson, and Othinel  S. Wilkins.  General guardian of Harriet Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson, Henry C. Anderson, Myra M. Anderson
            Sworn and subscribed to before me this 24th day of May 1851. W. H., Hubbard, Justice of Peace.

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