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Pension Application for John Anderson

S.46682 (Widow: Charity)
Continental (NY)
State of New York
Town of Newbury
County of Orange
            Personally appeared before me Gen’l Leonard Smith of the Tow of NewBurgh – County of Orange and State aforesaid, to me personally known to be a credible witness, and having been duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath say that he is well acquainted with John Anderson of the city and county of New York in the State aforesaid, whose name is subscribed to the annexed affidavit, that he was acquainted with him at the commencement of the Revolutionary war and during the continuance of the same, and has been acquainted with him ever since—That the deponent was in the service of his country with the said John Anderson in the revolutionary war at Newburgh aforesaid and well recollects that the said John Anderson served in the year on thousand seven hundred and seventy eight under and Inlistment for one year or more [?] deponent John Holdron as a Marrim in the Continental Services and under the immediate command and control of the then quarter master general of that department Col. Udney Hay.  The said John Anderson was in actual services during the whole of that year and also that the said John Anderson served in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine and part of eighty in the same capacity under the enlistment for one year and served under the directions of Urial Mitchel Deputy Quarter Master General in the same service and served as rendered by him the said John Anderson was for assisting in the transportation of the Continental stores and othr [blot] property and all of which was done under the aforesaid Captains and control of the said Col. Hay the then Quarter Master General of that Department.   (Signed) Leonard Smith
            Sworn to and subscribed this 18th day of February 1833 before me Gilbert Ogden Fowler one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for Wayne County.

Letter written in response to a request for information, dated February 6, 1937
            Reference is made to your letter in which you request information in regard to John Anderson, soldier of the Revolutionary War of New York City, whose wife was Charity Woodward Anderson.
            The data which follow were obtained from papers in pension claim S.46682, based upon the services of John Anderson in the Revolutionary War.
            John Anderson was born May 2, 1761, in New York City. The names of his parents were not stated.
            While a resident of Newburgh, Orange County, New York, John Anderson volunteered in the year 1778, was detailed to the boat service and served one year on the sloop “Liberty” on the Hudson River, transporting Continental stores and otherwise [?] under Captain John Holdron and Quartermaster General Uday Hay.  He enlisted in the year 1779 and served one year in the same service, under Deputy Quartermaster General Uriah Mitchell and Quartermaster General Uday Hay.
            He served from Newburgh, New York about 1803 to Hoboken, New Jersey and in 1815 moved to New York City.
            He applied for pension January 23, 1822, then a resident of New York City.  The pension was allowed.
            John Anderson died February 10, 1840 at #90 Chamber Street, New York City.
            His widow, Charity Anderson, on February 12, 1853 was living in Kings County, New York; the date and places of her birth and names of her parents were not given.
            Reference was made to children.
            Frederick R. Anderson of #5 Pine Street, New York City in 1872, stated that his mother, Charity W. Anderson, died at the home of his sister, but did not give the name of his sister, nor date of his mother.
            Hamilton Willis Fish of 21 W. 129th Street, New York City, on February 26, 1893, requested to be advised whether a pension was ever granted John Anderson (his ancestor) or his widow, Charity Anderson, on account of the service of said John Anderson, on account of the service of said John Anderson in the Revolutionary War.  He, also, stated at that time that John Anderson was a resident of Newburgh, New York in March 1780, that he married, June 12, 1800 in Newburgh, New York, Charity, that he moved to Hoboken, New Jersey about 1800, and that the widow, Charity Anderson, died in New York City, August 1, 1853.  [In still another letter written in answer to an inquiry it is stated that Charity was a resident of Williamsburgh New York in 1853.

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