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Pension Application for Cornelius Arey

Navy, New York, also says, “mariner, in the State of Rhode Island, in the Queen of France commanded by Captain Whipple of the US Navy, & New York Line for the term of one year.
            I Cornelius Arey of Providence in the District of Rhode Island on solemn oath do declare and say that in the beginning of the Revolutionary war I enlisted as a private soldier in Col. McDougles regiment in the Continental Army of the United States & in the New Your Line, the name of the Captain of our company I do not recollect, in which service I continued eighteen months, I marched to Canada in said regiment – was with General Montgomery & in his life guards at the capture of St. John’s & afterwards at the storming of Quebec when my said General was killed.  Sometime after I left the Land service & in November 1779 entered on board the Frigate Providence, a vessel then in service of the United States; said vessel was put under Commodore Whipple in Charleston in South Carolina--& a battle before Charleston evacuated to the British I was put on board the Queen of France & from thence was put in the Fort during the siege.  I lost one of my eyes in an engagement with the enemy & in consequence of which was confined in the hospital—eleven months,-- I further declare that I never received any written discharge and I now further declare that I am in reduced circumstances & stand in need of the assistance of my country for support being in the 67th year of my age.  (Signed with his mark)  Cornelius Arey
            I Elisha Dyer of Providence do certify & say that I have known the within named Cornelius Arey for ten years last past & upwards, he having worked for me frequently and from the best of my knowledge—I have no reason to doubt of the truth of the within declaration by him subscribed—and I now know him to be in indigent circumstances & destitute of property. Elisha Dyer.
            Rhode Island District SS.  Be it remembered that on this twentieth day of April 1818, came before me the within named Cornelius Arey & made solemn oath to the truth of the declaration to which his mark is within affixed—also appeared at the same time the above named Elisha Dyer & made oath to the certificate by him above subscribed in witness whereof I have hereto set my hand & have caused the seal of the court of be hereto affixed.  David Howell, District Judge, Court of the U. States.  Providence 20 April 1818.

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