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 Pension Application for Edward Armstrong

Private, Capt. Sackett’s
            This is to certify that in pursuance of the Law of the State of New York entitled an act making provision for Officers, Soldiers and Seamen who have been disabled in the service of the United States passed the 22d April 1786, we have examined Edward Armstrong of Pound Ridge in the County of Westchester, Farmer and find that during the late war was a private soldier of Capt. Richard Sackett’s Company in the Regiment of Westchester County Malitia commanded by Capt. Thomas Thomas, that on or about the first day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty one he enlisted in the service of the United States in a company of Leavys of the same regiment commanded by Capt. William Moshier for the term of forty five days that while in the service aforesaid to wit on or about the twenty seventy day of January in the same year he marched with the same company and detachment of the Army of the United States commanded  by Capt. William Hull to attack the armourements of the enemy at Morristown.  That on the twenty eighth day of January in an action with a detachment of the enemy he received a wound in his back by a musket that which entered at the lower part of his left shoulder blade and was extracted at the lower part of the joint by means whereof his left arm is become stiff and he is in a great measure rendered unable to obtain his livelihood by labour, and that on the eighty day of December last he was twenty nine years of age wherefore in pursuance of the law aforesaid we do further certify that upon the principles of the act of Congress of the 7th day of June 1785 he is entitled to receive from the Treasurer of this State a yearly pension of Thirty six dollars from the first of March one Thousand s even hundred and eighty one if not before paid.
            Given under our hands the twenty fifth day of April 1788.  Signed, Richard Varick and Richard Platt.

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