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Pension Application for Caleb Austin (Doctor)

W.3495 (Widow: Martha)
Continental (New York) Caleb died March 12th 1839.
Surgeon -- Connecticut Troops under Col. Lamb, one year and in the NY Line.
New Haven County SS.
I, Caleb Austin a citizen of the United States residing in Milford in New Haven County do declare on oath, that on the 16th of July 1777 I entered the entered the [sic] service of the United States by virtue of a commission appointing me Surgeon’s Mate of Col. Lamb’s regiment of Artillery, the New York Line of the Army—that I continued to serve in that office until the 23d of Nov’r 1778 when I resigned my commission & was regularly discharged.—that my commission by time & [?] is lost or destroyed.
            I further say that by reason of my reduced circumstances in life I now need assistance from my country for support—
            I therefore pray that I may be placed on the pension list of the United States, according to the provisions of the act of the Congress entitled an act to provide for certain persons in the land & naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary War.  Dated at New Haven this 31 March 1818.  (Signed) Caleb Austin
            Sworn to before me, Simeon Baldwin a Judge of the Sup Court of Connecticut.

New Haven County SS.
            On this first day of Sept’r 1818 before me Simeon Baldwin a Justice of the Peace in &b for said County personally appears Timothy Mix of New Haven in S’d County to me well known & on oath deposeth that in the year 1777 he was a Sergeant in Capt. Brown’s Company in Col. Lamb’s Regiment of Artillery.  That in May 1777, part of s’d regiment including Cap. Brown’s Company were stationed in Fort Montgomery with Col. Lamb & continued there till that fort was captured by the enemy in Oct’r following—that sometime in the summer of that year 1777, said Caleb Austin joined said Regiment as Surgeon’s mate & continued to serve in that capacity until the capture of the fort, when the deponent was taken a prisoner & detained several months—that the said Austin escaped with others—but the deponent does not know when the s’d Austin was discharged.  (Signed) Simeon Baldwin.

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