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Pension Application for Enos Ayres

W.20649 (Widow: Julia)
State of New York
Orange County SS.
            On this 17th day of June 1845 personally appeared before the undersigned one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County aforesaid, Julia Ayres, aged 72 years—a resident of Orange County and State of New York, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed on the 7th day of July 1838, entitled “An act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows whose husbands served during the War of the Revolution, that she is the widow of Enos Ayres deceased a late resident of Orange County aforesaid, who served as following in the War of the Revolution as she has understood from her said husband Enos Ayres and from other persons, and that she verily believes the same to be true that her husband entered the service and served under Captain Marven from three to five months on the Hudson River in the spring and summer of 1779, and that in the year 1780 her husband was out under Captain or Lieutenant VanDuzor at Fort Constitution and other places on the Hudson River and served some four or five months that season but cannot state the exact length of time he served that year—and that in the year of 1781 her husband enlisted and served under Captain Abraham Westfall in Colonel Pawling’s Regiment on the Western Frontier in Ulster County and served seven or eight months that season, His time expired late in the fall of that year.  She further states that her husband was called out on alarms from time to time during said war but she cannot state with certainty the places, the periods of time, nor all the officers, names under whom he served during the said war, on account of her age, the length of time and loss of memory.
            She further states that her husband lived in the town of Blooming Grove and County of Orange during the war of the Revolution.
            And she further declares that she was married to her husband the said Enos Ayres on the 26th day of December 1789 by the Rev. Mr. Bradner who was then a Pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Blooming Grove in Orange County aforesaid.—
            And that her husband the said Enos Ayres died on the 10th day of July 1828 and that she has remained a widow ever since which will more fully appear on reference to the proof hereunto annexed.  And that she was not married to him prior to the time of his leaving the service.  That the marriage took place at the time above state[d] viz, previous to the 1st January 1794—and she further states that the annexed leaf is a true family record kept by her late husband which gives the ages of her children and that she verily believes it to be whit is purports to be, she further states that her name was Julia Hawkins previous to her marriage to the aforesaid Enos Ayres.  (Signed with her mark)  Julia Ayres.
            Sworn and subscribed the day and year first above written.  Joseph Slaughter, Judge.

Family Record
Enos Ayres was born February the 9, 1764.
Julia Ayres was born April 20, 1773.
James Andress Ayres was born September 20, 1790.
Sarah Ayres was born December 22, 1792.
Jane Ayres was born August 7, 1793.
William Ayres was born March 11, 1798.
Mary An Ayres was born June 14, 1800.
Hannah Ayres was born July 14, 1802.
ElMira Ayres was born March 25, 1805.
Enos Ayres was born August 20, 1807.
Kyle Ayres was born December 26, 1810.
Julian Ayres was born November 1st 1814.
Hannah Ayres departed this life August 15, 1825.
Enos Ayres departed this life July 10, 1828, aged 67 years.
The following is difficult to read and some is not legible.
William Ayres who departed this life [?]ary the 15, 1838.
Julian Ayres who departed this life February the 7, 1839.

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