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Intelligence Letter from Joseph Beatty

            I Left Sir John Jonson the Last of May near the Sacondago River from their I went to Galoway and from their to Ballstone the forth of June I Crost the Mohawk River and went to the Hilabarack and got a party of men to the number of Sixty to come to this provence But Coming to the River I was fought Back By A party of Rebels that garded the pass to the place from whence I came- About the tenth of July I heard that the french arrived at Rhod Island and have landed some says two and some four thousand troops the twentieth July I heard that Amaral Graves and ten thousand land forces had left New York for to go to Rhod Island in Consequence of which Washington Crost the river to the White plains on the last of July and the first of august we obligd to recross it again and his near the fort of West point he left part of his Cannon in the Retreat About that time it was Report that Admaral had taken five and some said seven sail of the french that lay at Rhod island and sent to New York the forth of August I was within sixteen miles of Brant When he Burnt Schohary from the middle to the lower fort he had Before Burnt Canajohary and some of the remains of Cherry Valley and Carry'd of some prisoners and a great number of Cattel and horses the Rebels has agreed for two men to go to Brant and pretend to Join him and watch their opertunity to kill him and make their way back - I left the inhabetence the 16 of august and fell in with a scout of three men and took them But not having provistion for them and vowing that they two of them were not bad men I swore them and sent them Back and the pilot I have Brought through his mame is Michel Bartley, the names of them that I let go back was Matthew Marakel and Solomon Terwilligar.
St. Johns August 30th 1780                 Joseph Beaty 
Intelligence 80
Recd 2d Septr
St. Johns
Secret Intelligence, General Frederick Haldimand Papers, No. 21842, British Museum.   

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