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Pension Application for George Henry Bell

            George H. Bell came before me one of the Justices of the County of Montgomery in the State of New York and made oath that he was examined by Abraham Ten Broeck and Philip Schuyler Esqrs. appointed by the said State for that purpose obtained a Certificate or had his Certificate Examined and Countersigned setting forth that he had served in Capt. Michael Edy’s [Ittig] Company in Coll Peter Bellinger’s Regt of Militia that he was disabled by a wound in his thigh on the sixth day of August 1777—and that he now lives in the district of German Flatts and in the County of Montgomery.  (Signed) George H. Bell
            County of Montgomery, State of New York January 1787.  Sworn before me, Henry Walrath Justice.

            The oath of Residence agreeable to the within form is to be taken every year between the first of April and the first of June.
            George H. Bell came before me Michael Myers Esqr, one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in the County of Herkimer and made oath that he is the same George H. Bell to whom the original certificate, in his possession, was given of which the following is a Copy.
            We the subscribers Philip Schuyler and Abraham Ten Brook do certify that upon an examination in pursuance of the Law entitled an Act “Making provision for Officers, Soldiers, and Seamen who have been disabled in the service of the United States, passed the 22nd of April 1786”.  We do find that George H. Bell residing in the State of New York aged fifty eight years late a private in Captain Michael Edys Company in the Regiment of Militia commanded by Col. Peter Bellinger and claiming relief under the act of Congress recited in the said Law as an Invalid in Fact & that he became disabled in the Service of the United States in consequence of a wound in his thigh on the sixty day of August 1777; and do further certify that upon the principles of the said Act of Congress the said George H. Bell is entitled to the pay tow and an half dollars per month—given under our hands in the City of Albany on the fourth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven.  Abm. TenBrook; Ph. Schuyler—
            Now resides in the town of German Flatts in Herkimer County, where has resided ever since his birth.  Sworn before me this 13th day of July AD 1793.

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