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A List of Cornal Bellinger Ritchmand of Maalisha   
Draftet Febrarary 19, 1777

Capt Michal Ittig
Lut John Moyer
Lut John Bellinger

Man out of Capt Michaal Ittig Company
Nicholas Caslor
Fretherick arrandorf
Stoffel Shoemaker
Jacob Caslor
John Jost Bell
Petter Bellinger

Man out of Capt. Hanry harter Company

Jacob N. Weaver
Jacob Christman
Nicholas hilsbs
John Smith
Hanry hallmar
Adam Barch

Man out of Capt Gatmans Company
Jacob Lapeous
Peter Dygert
Wm Clapsattle
Jacob Ittig
Thomas Coken
George Ittig
Jacob Pifer

Man out of Capt Staring Company
Fr Ayarer
Wil Ret

Man out of Capt Small Company
Jacob Crans
John Shall
Lawrance Hills
Conrath folts
Petter folts

Man out of Capt Casselman Company
Ritchert Welch
Philip Clamans
Lodowick Rickert abcance
Jacob Farbush
William goot brot& abcance

Man out of Capt Eclor Company
Nicholas Frank
Nicholas Chilor
Petter Eclor
Joseph besasy
John Jost Tamot
George Shall

This Draftet Company of Capt Michal Ittig Company
Has Leaft home the 21 Day of Fabrarary Malisha Marcht that day do John Leathers and next day And Mustert at Cornal Fisher and the next Day do Skenactey the next Day do Serritoge and the Forth Day do Fort George and the Fifth Day do Dyanteroga and the Sixth Day to Mound in the bendance The Savent Day we Depart fore our Lotging the Eight Day at 5 o'clak in the after noon we whend do the beract the 9 Day

A List of Capt Michal Ittigs Company
Capt Michaal Itig
1 Lunt John Moyer
2 Lut John Bellinger
Richard Watsh
Philib Clamands
Isaac Colyer
Nicholas Schilor
John Jost Demoth
Nicholas Frank
John Jost Passashy
George Shall
Peter Eklor
Jacob Pyfer
George [Blank]

Source: Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, microfilm reel 72, National Archives, Washington, D.C..

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