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Pension Application for Timothy Bowen

            Albany to wit. Timothy Bowen of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck in the County of Albany deposeth and saith upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that he this Deponent being a private Soldier in Captain Walter Vrooman’s Company in the Regiment of Levies raised in this State whereof John Harper was Colonel was on the twenty third Day of October one thousand seven hundred and Eighty captured by the Enemy at Oneida in the State aforesaid and conveyed to and committed to Prison in Canada.  That having found Means to escape from his Confinement he was afterwards apprehended by a Party one of whom wounded him dangerously in the Belly with the Muzzle of a Musquet And his Hands being tied behind him for the Purpose of reconducting him to Prison with greater Safety they were so affected by the Frost as to occasion the Loss of the Upper Joints of six of his Fingers.  And this Deponent further saith that he was attended in his Illness consequent to those Injuries by a Surgeon or Physician belonging to the British Army.  That whenever he performs Work in which it is necessary to bend his Body the Injury which he has received as aforesaid by the Wound in his Belly occasions such violent Pains that he is obliged to desist from his Labor.  And further that he has a Family and further this deponent saith not. 
            Sworn this Third Day of August 1785 before me.  John Ten Broeck Alderman.
From: New York in The Revolution Volume II, pg 32. 1898, Roberts & Mather 1901

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