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Pension Application for Frederick Bronner

W.477 (Widow: Anna Eve.  The children of this woman by her former husband Elias Garlach, Pvt. 13 Inf., killed Oct 13, 1812, received half pay pension (issued in lieu of bounty land.) Crf No. 899.)
State of New York
County of Herkimer SS.
            Be it known that before me Abraham Van Horne a Justice of the Peace personally appeared Anna Eve Bronner aged 76 years who being by me [?] and then duly sworn in due [?] of law, states that she is now the widow of Frederick Bronner who was a revolutionary pensioner of the State of New York but the amount of pension or the law with which it was granted or the time such pension was awarded she does not recollect, That she was married to the said Frederick on the 25th day of December 1818 and that the said Frederick Bronner died on the 13th day of November 1844 and that she has remained the widow of the said Frederick Bronner and she further states that at and before the time she was married to the said Frederick Bronner she was the widow of Elias Garlock that she was married to the said Elias Garlock on the 8th day of May 1793.  She further states that no record of her marriage to the said Elias Garlock or Frederick Bronner is in existence to her knowledge.  She further states that the same Elias Garlock entered into the army of the war Declared by the United States against Great Britain on the 13th day of June 1812, into a company commanded by Captain Wool the term of his enlistment was for during the war and that he was marched to Niagara and from thence to Canada and was killed in the battle of Queenstown heights on the 13th day of October 1812 while fighting under the command of VanRensselaer as she was informed by those who returned after the war.  And she furthermore by these presents land fully empowers and authorizes irrevocably and with power of substitution S. E. Hassler of Washington City D.C. as her true and lawful attorney for her and in her name and stead to examine into to prosecute to demand and to receive from the United States Government and State officers her right in all and any manner of claim for increase or arrears of pensions and that may be due her on account of services rendered by the said Frederick Bronner and Elias Garlock who died leaving the same undrawn as in right of law she is or may be entitled.;
            In witness whereof she has on this 12th day of March 1853 hereunto signed her name and affixed her seal.  (Signed with her mark)  Anna Eve Bronner
Witness. Abm. H. Van Horne, John W. Jenkins
[Can’t read the deposition made out by Frederick Bronner.]

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