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Pension Application for Joshua Brooks

State of New York
Columbia County SS.
            On this 20th day of June 1833 personally appeared in open court before the Justices of the Justice Court in the City of Hudson in the county & State aforesaid, Joshua Brooks of and on being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following amendment to his application for a pension –after making all the exertions in his power he cannot find any living person in support of his service except Sarah Beacraft whose affidavit is herewith annexed and although he cannot prove it he does positively swear that he has performed all the service as stated in his application,  but as he is extremely poor begs the department to allow him what ever they think proper from the testimony offered.
            And he farther says that he was born in the town of Claverack in the County & State aforesaid in the month of November 1755.  He no record of his age.  That he lived in Claverack aforesaid when called into the service.  That he at all times.  That he cannot name any officers never to his recollection had a written discharge he may have had but cannot recollect it or persons with whom he is acquainted & who can testify to his character for truth and veracity are Jno W. TenBroeck, J. McCagg, Joseph D. Morell, Samuel Tenbroeck, J.W. Fairfield, Jno. Nicholas Edwards Esqr, that previous to the Revolutionary War had lived in Claverack aforesaid that since the Revolution he has lived two years at Schodack in Renssalear County, Two Years in Caughnawaga, that he has since lived until the present time in the Town of Clavarack City of Hudson & its vicinity until the present time.  (Signed with his mark)  Joshua Brooks
            Sworn and Subscribed the day and year first above mentioned.  J. McCagg one of the Justices.

State of New York
Columbia County SS.
            On this 21st day Jany 1833 personally appeared in open court before the Justices of the Justices court now sitting Joshua Brooks a resident of the City of Hudson in the County and State aforesaid, aged about seventy seven years who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832.
            That he was born in the Town of Claverack in the County and State aforesaid as near as he can recollect (having no record of his age) in the month of November 1755.
            That he first enlisted at the Town of Claverack in the County & State aforesaid under Captain Peter VanRensalaer (1) for nine months—Enlisted in the month of Appril [sic] 1776—he does not recollect the other officers.  Marched by the way of Albany we crossed Lake Champlain and went to Ticonderoga and remained there on duty at the fort some times marching in the neighborhood and—Returning to the fort soon after we came to Ticonderoga many of the troops were discharged and we took their place I verily believe I was a continental soldier my first nine months expired while at Ticonderoga in in [sic] the month of January 1777—when I was discharged but did not come home. I had not written discharge—I can not name any of the other officers or Regiment that was with us.  Term Nine months as a private.
            Immediately and while at Ticonderoga aforesaid I enlisted as I believe under one Capt. TenBroeck (2) I may be mistaken as to the place at which I was discharged & again Enlisted.  And also as to the precise periods at which my times of Enlistment Expired.  But am not mistaken as to the length of the Enlistment.  I cannot Recollect the names of the officers under whom I served in were under the command of General St. Clair (3) we were at Ticonderoga when Burgoine [Burgoyne] Came down and retreated before him to an Island at the Junction of the north and Mohawk River.  We remained on the Island a short time when the General came I think it was Arnold and ordered us to march we were marched in the neighborhood of Burgoines [Burgoyne’s] Army and remained for about one week I was in Two scirmishes [skirmishes] I was about ten yards from Genl Arnold (4) when his horse was killed under him – he was again mounted on another horse in a few minutes--after the surrender of Burgoine. (5)  Most of the troops left I remained until the expiration of my enlistment about the first of November 1777 when I was again discharged verbally.  Term 9 months.
            I then went to a place called Caughnawaga now called I think Johnstown [Fonda] in Montgomery County when I was acquainted with the [?] Abm Van Horner I stayed with him a short time when they were Enlisting soldiers for the Continental army I went and enlisted for Three Years under one Capt. Eckerd (6) the Lieut & Ensign was as I believe from the Jersies we were marched to a place called [?] where we were placed in the Fort and remained until the expiration of my Three Years when I was discharged after the Revolutionary War.  I returned to Hudson to my Fathers house and remained there a short time to there to the Town of Schoodack in Rensalaer County where I marryed and remained a few weeks, then went to Montgomery County and have lived at between there that place & Hudson where I now Reside (Except) Two or Three years that I was an Enlisted Solider in the last war and this applicant—further says that he cannot from his advanced age and the consequent loss of memory state the names of any of the Regiments or officers who were stationed with him that he may have Erred as to dates and names officers but that as to the times of service he is positive he has served as he states for at last in the years 1776 nine months in the year 1777 nine months & from that time to 1781, at least three years that he has but one living witness that he can provide to wit Abraham VanBurn whos affidavit is hereunto annexed.  That he ahs no living documentary Evidence that he can produce that he cannot procure the testimony of a clergyman as there is not one settled at Hudson who has been there one year.  That the previous to whom he would refer the department for character for truth & veracity are Nicholas TenBroeck, Samuel TenBroeck, Joseph D. Morell Esqr, Clerk of the County that he hereby relinquishes every claim what ever to a pension or an annuity except the present & declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.  (Signed with his mark)  Joshua Brooks
            Sworn and Subscribed the day and year above mentioned.  J.D. Parker Clk.

End Notes—Joshua Brooks—R.1255

  1. Peter VanRensselaer was commissioned Captain on June 28, 1776 in the First Canadian Continental Regiment commanded by Colonel James Livingston.  So far I haven’t found any muster rolls for 1776 for this regiment.  On November 21, 1776 most Continental Regiments were re-arranged as enlistments for the troops leaving or where to expire.  When a soldier enlisted in the Continental Army it was for 3 years or for during the war.
  2. There was a Captain Samuel Ten Broeck and a Captain Leonard TenBroeck in the Tenth Regiment of Albany County Militia.  The only militia enlistment for a Joshua Brooks was as a corporal in Captain Nicholas Staats Company in Colonel Kilian VanRensselaer’s Fourth Regiment of Albany County Militia.
  3. Major General Arthur St. Clair in the American Army appointed February 19, 1777.
  4. Brigadier General Benedict Arnold.  He was wounded in the Second Battle of Saratoga fought on October 7, 1777.
  5. General John Burgoyne surrendered his British Army to Major General Horatio Gates at present day Schuylerville, Saratoga County on October 17, 1777.
  6. I haven’t found any record of a Captain Eckerd in the New York Continental Troops there are 3 Joseph Brooks but no Joshua.  Joseph Brooks in Captain Jacob Wright’s Company in the Second New York Continental Regiment.  He enlisted as a private on May 5, 1778 for 9 months and he was discharged on February 17, 1779.  Joseph Brooks was a fifer in the Fourth New York Continental Regiment from May 5, 1778 to February 5, 1779.  Joseph Brooks was in the Fifth New York Continental Regiment and enlisted March 21, 1778 for during the war.

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