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Pension Application for John Campbell

Former Widow: Ann W. Hutchings
Continental, New York
State of New York City and County of New York SS.
            On this twenty sixth day of August 1846 personally appeared before me Samuel Jones chief Justice of the Superior Court of the City of New York Mrs. Ann W. Hutchings a resident of the State City and County aforesaid who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on oath depose and say, she is rising of seventy six years of age and makes the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the law passed in the year 1836, granting pensions to the widows of Revolutionary officers and soldiers who were married prior to January 1794 and says she was married to John Campbell (now deceased in July 1789 in the City of New York by the Rev. David Biglee the then Pastor of the Moravian Church of said city) who was Forage Master and assistant Deputy Quarter Master General (1) in the Revolutionary War as she was informed by her said husband and others during his life time and believes it to be true.  And she further saith that he served in the State of New York at that period and was stationed some part of the time at what was called the Continental Village in what was then Dutchess but now Putnam County in the Highlands on the east side of the North River, and was associated at some period with or under Colonel Hugh Hughs.  And she further saith that her said husband deceased (in the year 1798) leaving this deponent his lawful widow and legal representative, and she again intermarried with Samuel Hutchings with whom she lived from the year 1828 to the year 1833 when he deceased, and since which time she has remained his widow, and she makes this her declaration producing the best proof that the nature of her case will admit as to marriage, she not having any documentary evidence of the same.  And believing as she is advised there may be documentary evidence in the War Department at Washington of the revolutionary services of her said husband. (2)  And she further saith that she has never before applied for her pension.  And she does now by these presents empower, constitute and appoint William H. Mecks Esq. as her lawful attorney and agent with full powers of substitution or revocation of such other agent or agents as he may deem it expedient to appoint to assist him in asserting and sustaining her claim for a pension and to do any and every other act or thing that she may or can lawfully do in or about the premises in his name place and stead.  (Signed)  Ann W. Hutchings.
            Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year first above written. S. Jones, chief Justice of the Superior Court of the City of New York.

End Notes, John Campbell R-5447

  1. John’s name is found on a list of people employed in the Quartermaster’s Department under Deputy Quartermaster for New York for January 1, to December 31, 1782.  John served in 1782 from January to October 31 at $75.00 per month.  He was paid £ 238..10..0. (Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, Quartermaster Dept. Series M-246, Roll 122, National Archives, Washington D.C.
  2. There is a supporting deposition dated September 6, 1846 of a John (Follentine?) who had served under Campbell at the Continental Village.  It’s hard to make out the last name with any certainty.  There was an Elvin Valentine as Wagon Conductor on the same Hughs list..

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