Morrison's Pensions

Pension Application for Jacob Casler

State of New York
Herkimer County
            Peter Fox of German Flatts in said county being duly sworn deposeth and saith that during the Revolution War he was well acquainted with Jacob Casler late of the Town of Herkimer in said county deceased.            
            That this deponent is now eight-four years of age.  That in the Revolution War this deponent resided near Fort Herkimer.  That the said Casler also resided near said Fort.  That the said Jacob Casler was in the service of the United Sates in the said war and to the best of this deponent’s recollection, served two years in the nine month service.  That is nine months each year.  One tour of service was in the company under Capt. Sam’l Gray. (1)
            That he served one term under Capt. Bigbread (2) and the deponent thinks he served under Captain Winn (3) one term, recollects that he was off on service at one time to Fort Edward.  That he was off on service at different times to various places to Fort Stanwix to Cherry Valley and other places that he served also in the militia service short tours under Capt. Michael Ittig (4) and under Capt. Frank.  That the said Jacob Casler was married to Mary Catharine Petrie before the said war.  That the said Casler has been dead about sixteen years.  That he left his said wife him surviving who died about eleven years ago.  That this deponent was well acquainted with family of the said Casler.
(his mark) Peter Fox
            Sworn to and subscribed before me the 6th day of April 1846.  Michael Grant, Justice of the Peace

Letter in the pension file.
December 19, 1917.
Mrs. Jennie W. Starkweather
Herkimer Co. New York
            In response to your letter dated the third instant, you are advised that in the papers filed in this Bureau in 1846, it is stated that Jacob Casler, late of Herkimer, Herkimer Co., New York, resided near Fort Herkimer during the Revolutionary War, and served at various times amounting to two years under Captains Samuel Gray, Michael Ittig, Winn, Frank and Bigbread(?).
            Soldier married before the War, Mary Catharine Petrie.
            He died sixteen years, and she died eleven years prior to 1846; their ages not stated.
            The dates of enlistment, discharge, marriage and death are not shown.
            As the soldier and his widow both died before the passage of the pension laws for their relief, neither of them received a pension.
            Very respectfully,

End Notes

  1. Jacob’s Name does not appear on the Muster Roll of Captain Samuel Gray’s Company of Boatmen in 1780 but a Nicholas Casler and Nicholas Casler Junr does.
  2. Captain John Breadbake’s company of Rangers was raised in 1778 but again Jacob’s name does not appear on the Muster Roll.  Again a Nicholas Casler appears on the Roll.
  3. Captain John Winn’s Company of Rangers was from August of 1778 to March of 1777 and Jacob’s name does not appear on the Roll.  A John Casler appears on the Roll.
  4. Captain Michael Ittig’s [Edick] Company was Colonel Peter Bellinger’s Regiment of Tryon County Militia (Fourth Regiment).
    When Ittig moved out of the County, First Lieutenant Frederick Frank was promoted to Captain.
                Jacob’s name appears on the rolls.  In fact, in Captain Ittig’s Company had the following Casler’s in his company at different times from 1776-1779.
                Corporal Conrad Casler, Privates Peter Casler, Nicholas Casler, Jacob S. Casler, Jacob H. Casler, Adolph Casler, Jacob Casler Sr. and John Casler, Sr. and Jr.
    Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, Series M. 246, Roll 72, National Archives, Washington, D.C.

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