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June 5th  1778

     By this your Excellency is informed that I Received your Letter near nine O'Clock this morning, and, Sir, I was then Busey to send you our late Itelligence and Scituation; we was Informd Last Evening by a good freind on our Side, that the Enemy was then Encamped at Mayfeild and their Strength between three and four hunderd men, and that we might Depend upon it, they would make another Blow before they went off; this news was given by one of our Enemys to an Old and Intimate Acquaintance of his; Likewise this morning, Hans Cline, the Indian, had Inform'd Myndert Quackenboss that their had not been Danger last Evening on the River, but from this time we must take good Care, for they, our Enemy, would not go of untill they had Compleated more Mischief; so we have nothing Else to Expect but Blood Shead, and Destruction; three Small Companies of my Regiment who have been Stationd on Vroman's Creeck, have Returnd Last Evening, but, Sir, I am not able to keep them together; it seems to be the anxious Care of too many to go home to their Familys, and Indeed some principle Familys have gone from this, this morning, and will not obey any Orders; and what Discourages our men is, that their Seems to be no help or Succor to be had for them from any parts which will Releive us at present.
     Sir, by a Scout this minuet Come in, who went out yesterday morning, and have found out by a Scotchman that the Enemy are Makeing Bark Canoes to send their Prisoners t Cannady.
     We are Dear sir Your Excellency's most Hum'e Serv'ts

              Fredrick Fisher.

Volkert Veeder.

General Ten Broeck.


CAGHNAWAGA  5th June 1778

     Dear Sir, I Received your letter by Express, with the Letter from General Ten Broeck, and am very sorry it is not in your power to send us relief in our miserable situation, but I hope you will with all possible speed, send us all the assistance in your power; as I am much afraid we will soon be attacked by the Enemy; Last night about 12 O'Clock John Little from Johnstown came to the Church, and Informed us that he heard sundry persons of that place say, that the Enemys place of Rendesvouz was at the Fish House at Sacondaga, and by the best Accounts they are about five Hundred Strong, and a great many of our Neighbours amongst them, who have been actually seen acting against us. The above mentioned Little's Father in Law is a suspected Tory, and says that all the people at Caghnawaga and all round these parts are to be taken and their Houses burn't this day or at night. We have so many different Accounts to this purpose and from good authority that I make no doubt of the Truth therof, but would take up too much time to mention the whole, You may depend that they have taken Charles Marinus and Son, George Coch and Son, Johannis Eckler and Family and John Reese; and all their Houses plundered and every thing destroyed. Isaac De Graef our Commissary, the aforesaid John Little, Thomas Butler and John Higgens have been there and seen all the above. A certain Henry Kelly's wife from Sacondaga, is now come into us and says that her Husband was shot dead at her side and the mills burn't there. I have also sundry certain Accounts that John A. Putnam and twelve Familys more, all living on my Lands, in that Quarter are taken and many more with them.
     John Reese's wife says that the Enemy had a list with them who they were to go to and destroy. We formerly wrote you that our militia were dispersed in different Quarters, say Cherry Valley &c. a few of them are now returned, but so Fatigued that we have not yet been able to send any Scouting parties out to reconnoiter the Enemy's motion; we have had but about twelve Old men with us and some of them sickly, all our Mohawk Indians are missing, Except four Old men and are of Opinion (and almost sure) they are with this party. We wrote to Coll. Klock, where he was with the Militia for assistance, but our letter to him was brought back to us without shewing to him through a mistake. We sent this letter with the one we received from Genl. Ten Broeck to John E. Van Eps, to be forwarded to him by Express, that most the convenient side of the River to Travel in; where this mistake arises from we can't yet learn, but was oblidged last Evening to send off another Express with the same Letter to the said Coll. This was the Occasion of our not having any relief sooner, as we will be Oblidged to have our militia together for some time and Mr. De Graaf has no provision nor Orders to procure any, You'll, therefore, please to send us Orders to provide for the militia during their stay, You'll please forward this Letter to the Commanding Officer in Albany and General Ten Broeck, as I have no time to write more at present, or any part of the Letter you think most porper to send them. I believe Coll. Fisher has wrote to Genl. Ten Broeck to this purpose how ever would be glad you would send this or such part of it as you think best. We are, Sir, in Haste Your humble Serv't
                                                 Jellis Fonda.

Ab'm Van Horne.

Henry Glen Esqr.


CAGHNAWAGE  June 6th 1778, 11 o"Clock A.M.

     Sir‑‑I have this moment received undoubted Information by Express that a party of Indians were seen on the North side of the River nearly opposite the late General Herkemers, & that a party of the Enemy had broke into a Settlement called Dillenburgh near Stone Arabia & were destroying that place.
     From the above & what already has been wrote you‑‑you see that the Enemy are divided into several parties & attack us in different places. It is impossible for us to defend the County, for whenever we march from one place to defend another, the places we leave are attacked, in this distracted situation we once more call upon you for the assistance we owe each other, and intreat you to send us what Assistance you can as soon as possible.
     You will please to Communicate this to General Stark. Inclosed you have an Affidavit of a man who was taken by the Enemy, for your farther Information.
                                              Your Hu'b Serv't

Jacob Klock Colo.
[To General Ten Broeck.]


Tryon County SS
     Personally appeared before us Jelles Fonda & Abraham Van Horne Esqrs. two of the Justices of the Peace for said County, Hendrick Warmwood, who being duely Sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God deposeth & saith: that on Tuesday the second of June Inst., as he dep't, with several others were returning from working on the Roads, that he & Edward Conner & Michael Carman, were taken prisoners by a party of the Indians about four miles from Sacandago; the rest of the men who were a little behind the above mentioned persons escaped being taken; this party of Indians Consisted as near as he could Judge to be about two hundred in number, all painted, who took him, the dep't to the late Sir Wm. Johnson's Summer house at the Fly at Sacondaga, where the deponant was about two hours with them, and then released him, the said dep't on account, that he was lame and could not walk; & they also released Michael Carman & Edward Conner; & further the dep't sayeth, that he saw John A. Putman, Andrew Bowman, Joseph Scott, John Harman, John Reese, Charles Marinus, George Kock, Augustus Eckler, all prisoners with the Indians; and the said Eckler was released who informed the said deponant that the party of Indians who took him, say about two hundred, was not the third part of their number and also informed him the deponant that the Indians had twenty Cannoes made, and that he also said, that if a Thousand of the Militia were to go out against that party of the Indians, they could not stand against them and further the dep't sayeth not.

                                           Hendrick X Warmwood
Sworn before us this 5th June 1778.
Jelles Fonda )
Abr'm Van Horne)  Justices

Copied from the Public Papers of George Clinton, Vol. III, pages 4O5‑4O9, 414‑416.

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