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Pension Application for Jacob Christman, Corporal

State of New York
County of Oswego
            On this twentieth day of February Anno Domini, One Thousand eight hundred and thirty three in open court before the judges of the Court of Common Pleas of said county now sitting Jacob Christman a resident of the Town of Amboy in the County of Oswego and state aforesaid aged sixty–nine years and seven months who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
            That on the first day of April 1781 as this deponent believes he enlisted into the army of the United States in a company commanded by Henry Vanderwarker, Capt., Col. Van Rensselaer’s (1)  Regiment, Lieutenant French Putnam (2) afterwards promoted to Captain.  Other officers unknown or at this time not in the recollection of this deponent, that he entered the service on the day he enlisted and was discharged there form on the first day of January thereafter at Fort Plain.  That he was born at a place called Stone Arabia, Minden, (3) Montgomery County, New York and there enlisted and entered the service against the Indians, British and Tories.  That he was in the battle fought at or near Johnstown against the Indians when Butler was killed the latter part of July or August. (4) That his duty and scout was about Fort Plain and Johnstown and about the Mohawk during the whole of the time of his enlistment that besides Capt. Vanderwarker’s company, there were parts largely attached to the service into which this deponent was engaged, Capt. Putman’s Company, (5) Capt. Snell’s Company, (6) Capt. Van Rensselaer’s Company, (7) Capt Coopman’s Company (8) and others this deponent cannot name.
            Colonel’s Willett, Brown (9) and Van Rensselaer.  Brown either was or acted as general that this deponent served as Corporal during the whole of his enlistment, that during the battle he received three wounds in his let by musket balls.  That he has no documentary testimony in his possession of his service or his discharge.  And that he now knows of no person by whom he can prove his services.  That he moved from Stone Arabia to Snell’s Bush, from Snell’s Bush to Danube and from Danube to Williamstown, now Amboy, county of Oswego where he was residing.
            And that he hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state in the Union.
            Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.  D. McPherson, Dep. Clk
(Signed) Jacob Christman (10)
Letter included in the pension file for Jacob Christman
December 10, 1933
Mr. Roger F. Williams
2 Rock Street
Alexandria Bay, New York
Dear Sir:
            Reference is made to your letter relative to Jacob Christman, a soldier of the Revolutionary War.
            The data contained herein were obtained from the papers on file in the Revolutionary War claim for pension, S.12461, based upon the military service of Jacob Christman in that war.
            Jacob Christman was born in Stone Arabia or Minden, Montgomery County, New York [Minden is south of the Mohawk River, Stone Arabia is north of the Mohawk River and to the east of Minden] date not given and no reference is made to his parents.
            While a resident of Stone Arabia, or Minden, New York, he enlisted April 1, 1781, served nine months as corporal in Captain Henry Vanderwarker’s Company, Colonel Van Rensseleer’s New York Regiment and was in the battle of Johnstown where he received three wounds in his leg by musket balls.
            He moved from Stone Arabia, New York, to Snellsbush, thence to Danube, thence to Williamstown later Amboy) New York.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed February 20, 1833, at which time he was aged sixty-nine years and seven months and a resident of Amboy, Oswego County, New York.
            There are no family data.
            In order to obtain the date of last payment of pension, the name of person paid and possibly the date of death of soldier, you should apply to the Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Records Division, Washington, D. C., and cite the following:
“Jacob Christman, Certificate No. 20907, issued October 21, 1833, rate $33.33 per annum, commenced March 4, 1831, Act of June 7, 1832, New York Agency.”
            Very truly yours,
            A.D. Hiller
            Executive Assistant to the Administrator

End Notes for Jacob Christman S312461
By James F. Morrison

  1. There is no record of a Henry Vanderwerker serving in any capacity as an officer.  I found only one Henry Vanderwerker serving as a private in Captain Jellis Fonda’s Company of Exempts in Colonel Frederick Visscher’s Regiment of Tryon County Militia [Third Regiment]
  2. I also did not find a Lieutenant French Putman [Putnam].
  3. Minden is on the south side of the Mohawk River and stone Arabia in on the north side of the river.
  4. The battle of Johnstown was fought on the 25th October 1781.
  5. Probably Captain Garret Putman of colonel Marinus Willett’s Regiment of New York State Levies.
  6. There is not Captain Snell.  Perhaps he meant Jacob Small of Colonel Peter Bellinger’s Regiment of Tryon county Militia [Fourth Regiment].
  7. Captain Peter Van Rensselaer’s Company in Colonel Willett’s Regiment.
  8. Captain Abraham Copaman in Colonel Samuel Campbell’s Regiment of Tryon county Militia [First Regiment].  He was promoted to Major on 19 October 1779.
  9. Colonel John Brown who was killed on 19 October 1780 in the Battle of Stone Arabia.  Brown was not a general; Robert Van Rensselaer was the General.
  10. Jacob would have been old enough to enlist at least by 1780.  He is probably the one listed as a private in Captain Henry Miller’s Company in Colonel Jacob Klock’s Regiment of Tryon County Militia [Second Regiment].  Stone Arabia would be part of his company beat [enlistment area].  A.J. Nicholas Christman served as a private in Captain Joseph Harrison’s Company in Colonel Willett’s Regiment in 1781.  I cannot say with certainty if it is him.

Letter included in pension application file.

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