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          "June 7th, 1781, received Col. Johnson's instructions to proceed with a party of Aughquagas, etc., upon which I proceeded to Schoharie, where I had a skirmish with the rebels; took five scalps, two prisoners, and burnt some houses and barns ‑‑ lost one man and one wounded, and from thence returned to Niagara."
     "September 28th, 1781, received Col. Johnson's instructions to proceed with a party of Aughquagas, etc., consisting of 28 men, to Schoharie. On November 10th, when we came to Schoharie., we killed one man near the (upper) fort (Isaac Vrooman), and drove off 50 head of horned cattle, a number of horses, and burnt two houses. On our retreat the rebels turned out with a party consisting of 30 men, in pursuit of us. They overtook us about four miles from the fort, and began to fire on us, upon which we returned the fire and killed one of their men (Richard Haggidorn), on which they retreated, and I went on with the cattle. The next morning the rebels turned out a second time with 150 men, and overtook us about 23 miles from the fort, upon which we had another skirmish and killed four of their men, and some wounded ‑‑ they retreated; at the same time we lost all the cattle: upon which I had a consultation with the Indians, and they concluded not to pursue the rebels, since we were all safe and they too strong for us, but make the best of our way to Niagara, where we arrived the 11th of December, and have since that time done the duties ordered me with satisfaction and spirit."

Vol. 2 pp 739‑740, Jeptha R. Simms, Frontiersmen of New York. 

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