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Pension Application for John Conderman or Countryman

R.2366 (Widow: Catharine)
State of New York
County of Steuben SS.
            On this thirtieth day of October 1832, personally appeared before me, George C.  Edwards, first Judge of the Court of common pleas of the said county of Steuben, John Conderman, a resident of the town of Howard in the said county of Steuben and State of New York, aged eighty four years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth, on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832.
            That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated.
            That he first entered the service in the summer of 1777 in a company of militia commanded by Captain Robert Crous in a regiment commanded by Colonel Ebenezer Cox in a [detach?]ment commanded by General Nicholas Herkimer, that when he volunteered the service he resided at Canajoharie in the County of Tryon and state of New York, where he resided until after the war, that he went with the detachment to Fort Stanwix and cut trees into Wood creek and then returned home that he got home on Tuesday and on Friday of the same week the troops were again called out and he went with a detachment under the command of General Herkimer to the Oriskany Creek where the battle was fought with the British and Indians, that he was in that battle, and he returned home with the detachment, that in the Fall of 1777 when General [?] went to Fort Stanwix, this deponent was pressed to go with a tem to carry provisions and he went with a team to Fort Dayton and carried provisions and was then discharged and returned home; that about the first of February 1778 he went with others to Fort George for the purpose of rebuilding it and continued there until about the middle of March 1778—that in the year 1779 he went with a detachment of militia under the command of Major Clyde in a company commanded by Captain Adam Lipe from Canajoharie to Cherry Valley, after the massacre at that place by the Indians and Tories.—That in the summer of 1780, he was with a detachment of Militia under the command of Colonel Dubois and was in a battle with a detachment of Tories and Indians under the command of Sir John Johnson at Palatine on the Mohawk river, that Captain Adam Lipe commanded the company to which he then belonged.
            That in the year 1781 he was with a detachment of militia under the command of Colonel Marinus Willett and was in a battle with a detachment of Tories and Indians under the command of John Doxtader at a place called Turlock near Sharon, that the company to which he then belonged was commanded by Captain Adam Lipe—That in the said year 1781 he was also with a detachment of militia under the command of the said Colonel Marinus Willett, and was in a battle with a party of Tories and Indians under the command of Major Ross at Johnstown on the Mohawk River, that the said Adam Lipe was his Captain,that the said last mentioned detachment after the battle pursued  the Tories and Indians to the West Canada Creek where they had another battle with them and defeated them—That in the year 1779 he was pressed with his team and went to Albany from Canajoharie and carried a load of provisions to Otsego lake, and also assisted in drawing boats from the Mohawk river to Otsego Lake, that besides the particular instances above stated he was very often called out with the militia in scouting parties on the Mohawk river and in the neighborhood of it, and that he was out on such scouting parties more than fifty different times, and was generally out three or four days at a time and several times for a week or more, but he cannot state the particular times.—That he cannot state the length of times that he was in the service in the particular instances above stated; that by age his memory has become infirmed—That he has no documentary evidence of his service—That he was born at Canajoharie, on the fourteenth day of February 1748, that he has a record of his age, which is in his possession—that since the revolutionary war he resided in the county of Montgomery in the State of New York, until about nine years since when he removed to his present residence in the town of Howard in the said County of Steuben.
            He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and swears that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.  (Signed) John Counderman
            Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid, before me. Geo. C. Edwards.
Letter dated September 29, 1824, written in response for information.
            I have to advise you that from the information in the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, R.2366, it appears that John Conderman or Countryman was born at Canajoharie, New York, February 14, 1748 and applied for pension October 30, 1832, while living at Howard, New York.
            He alleged that he served at various times between 1777 and 1781, as a private in the New York Militia, under Captains Robert Crous and Adam Lipe and Colonels Evenezer Cox, Samuel Clyde, Dubois and Marinus Willett.
            His claim was not allowed, owing to the lack of proof of six months actual military service in the field, as required by the pension laws.
            He married June 3, 1783 at Fort Plain, New York, Catharine Horning.  He died July 10, 1839 and she died July 14, 1844, at Howard, New York.
            Their Children were—
            Adam Johann born January 30, 1784.
            Margaret born -----20, 1785.
            John born October 12, 1786.
            A daughter born October 5, 1788.
            Conrad born January 14, 1790.
            David born December 4, 1790.
            Samuel born July 2, 1793.
            Daniel born April 18, 1795.
            A daughter born January 21, 1798.
            There were also three children, Solomon, Catharine, and Jacob J., the dates of their birth are not on record.
            In 1853, the soldier is referred to as John A. Conderman.

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