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A Pay Roll of Lieut. Joseph Conklings Company in General George Clinton’s Brigade of Militia of Coll Jesse Woodhulls Ridgment ordered Into the service to guard John Carpenters Powder Mill Pursuant to a Resolve of the Committee of Safely Entered into the service May 4th 1777.  Ending 1st of July—(Orange County)

Joseph Conking Lieut
Peter Hobart Serjeant
Joseph Carpenter Serj
William Ayres Serj
Abraham Youngs [Private]
William Budd
Tuthill Horton
Silas Haule
Joseph Goble
Benjamin McCaugh
Houel Pierson
Jeremiah Brown
James Haull
Nicholas Night
Barnabas Manna
Jesse Carpenter
Silas Benjamin Sr.
Silas Benjamin Jun
John Benjamin
Hughoh Grigge
Paul Howel
Jedediah Fuller
William Thompson
David Halliock
William Horton
Thomas Horton
Benjamin Goble
John Carpenter

Amt subsistence as per annexd Acc

Time of Entering in the Service
4 of May
7 Dit[to]
7 Dit
10 Dit
7 Dit
7 Dit
8 Dit
9 Dit
9 Dit
9 Dit
9 Dit
9 Dit
9 Dit
9 Dit
9 Dit
11 Dit
11 Dit
11 Dit
13 Dit
15 Dit
15 Dit
15 Dit
15 Dit
14 Dit
15 Dit
14 Dit
15 Dit
19 Dit
[Total] £146.40

March 6, 1778
            Examined & allowed Two Hundred & sixty four pounds one shills for the above & annexs acc.
            Comfort Sandelendsen
            To Peter V. B. Livingston Esq.
Orange County
            This is to certify that on the 16 Day of July 1777 the within named Lieut Joseph Conkling appeared Before me Elihu Marvin Chairman of the Committee of the Precinct of Cornwell & being Duly Sworn Made Oath that the within Pay Role is just and true in Every Perticuler according to the Best of his Knoligde [knowledge] and Belief.
            Sworn the Day and year above written before me.  Elihu Marvin Chairman
            I certify that Lieut Conkling with men Did Actualy Guard and Did Duty at my Powder Mill the time as written charged agreeable to Resolution of the Congress of May the 3 1777.  John Carpenter
            Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, Series M-246, Roll 78, National Archives, Washington DC.
Notes:  Capt. Silas Pierson, 1st Lt. Joseph Conkling, 2nd Lt. Joseph Brown and Peter Hubert Ensign were commissioned on 21 February 1778.
            Joseph Conkling Capt. [Pierson had died], Peter Hubart 1st Lt., Joseph Case 2nd Lt., and Zeba Owens Ensign were commissioned on 1 July 1780.  All were in the First Regiment of Orange County Militia under Colonel Jesse Woohull.     

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