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Daniel Cornell Military/Pension Record [Ref. 67]
Donated by Kenneth Lifshitz

The State of Ohio
            Personally appeared before the subscriber, Judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio, Daniel Cornell, who being duly sworn states, that in the summer of seventeen hundred and seventy six, he enlisted in the regular Army of the revolution under Samuel Sacket a recruiting officer of the Continental Army, for two years and was stationed at Fort Montgomery in the State of New York, where he remained the whole of the above time under the command of Col. Humphrey. That after the expiration of the above time he again enlisted for nine months under Captain Brainard which term he faithfully served.
            The said Daniel Cornell further states that from the time of his first enlistment aforesaid until the taking of Burgoyne, he was constantly in the Continental Army by enlistments for different periods. That he was in Fort Montgomery when it was taken by the enemy, and made his escape, also he was at the battle of the White Plains and in summary skirmishes, until the taking of Burgoyne, in which engagement he was concerned.
            He further states that he received discharges at the termination of his different terms which were lost with all his personal property by an extraordinary rise in the Susquehanna River, which destroyed his house and all his personal property which it contained.
            He states that he cannot recollect the number of the regiment commanded by Col. Humphrey. That his reduced circumstances require the assistance of the Government. He is now near sixty one years of age, so infirm that he cannot labour and so poor as to be unable to procure the comforts of life. It is with difficulty he can ____ to walk. That he does not know whether any of his officers, under whom he served and with whom he was acquainted, are now living. Nor does he know of any person living who served in the ranks with him. If there be any such he does not know their place of residence.
            Sworn and subscribed his before me this 12 May 1819
(Signed with his mark) Daniel  Cornell
John Mc Luke mark
            I am satisfied that the statement in the foregoing affidavit is substantially correct as to the _____ of the said Daniel Cornell and also as to his reduced circumstances though they have become reduced by intemperance.
John Mc Luke; Judge Sup.  Court of Ohio

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