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Pension Application for Abraham Covenhoven

 State of New York,
Montgomery County SS.
            On this 25th day of September 1832 personally appeared before me, John Hand, one of the Judges of Montgomery County courts (the same being a court of record) Abraham Covenhoven of Charleston, Montgomery County, state of New York, age 73 years, being first duly sworn, doth on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of congress passed 7th of June, 1832.
            That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers, and served as herein stated:    In the year 1775, thinks about the first of May was, drafted for one month and went out under Captain Gardenier to Fort Plain and Fort Dayton, doing guard duty at both places part of the time.  At the end of the month was discharged and returned home.  In the month of July was out again under Lieut. Quakenbush to Fort Plain and German Flatts for one month.  Served the time and was discharged again.  Out one month at Fort Herkimer guarding the Fort.  Does not recollect whether Captain Gardenier or Lieut. Quakenbush Commanded the guard.  This last service was performed in September.
             In the 1776, in the month of April, he served for one month doing duty at Fort Hunter and Caughnawaga under Ensign Marlatt.  In June was again out one month doing duty at Forts Plain and Dayton on the Mohawk River- served out the time and was discharged.  In August he went to the state of New Jersey and on the 12th day of September he enlisted in Captain Nixon's volunteer company of cavalry for six months, mustered at Cranbury, from there marching to Woodbridge and Morristown thence to Pluckering, thence to Summerset then returned to Cranbury.  Marched from Cranbury to Easton in Pennsylvania, From Easton under the command of Major Lee -marched to Philadelphia, thence to Westchester, to Frederickstown in Maryland, and thence to Lexington in Virginia; he thinks there were two companies of cavalry together at this time- Capt Culberson commanding one of the companies as he thinks -Remained at Lexington not more than 10 or twelve days  when he returned to Philadelphia by way of Baltimore, Marched from Philadelphia, crossed the Delaware River at Corylls Ferry, went down the river to Trenton and was at the Battle of the Twenty Seventh of December.  Accompanied the army on its march to Princeton, having left the fires lighted to deceive the British and arrived at Princeton and was present at the battle at that place.  The Cavalry pursued the retreating enemy as far as Potterstown. Saw Gen Mercer carried in after being mortally wounded-also saw Gen Washington after the battle.  He returned to Pluckering and Morristown where he remained until the expiration of this time-where he was discharged by a written discharge but by whom signed he does not recollect as the discharge has long been lost.  He may be in error as to the name of the Captain under whom he served but remembers that the name of the first Lieut. was John Barkelo and that of the Second Lieut., Levi Covenhoven.
             In May 1777 he returned from Jersey to the Mohawk Country and in June following entered the militia under Capt Louck and continued in the service for two months, part of the time at the Fort at Johnstown and part of the time at the Fish House at at Sacandago, while at Sacandago was under the command of Ensign Marlatt-acted in the capacity of Orderly Sergeant --served out his time & was discharged verbally.
             Was again out under Capt Gardinier for two months at Johnstown from Schuyler, to Stolters, to Tripes (Tribes) Hill, thence to Guy Johnson Stone House and thence to the meeting house at Ballstown where he continued until the end of the time when he was verbally discharged.
             In the year 1778 in the month of May or June was out one month under Capt Mabee at German Flats, at home one month, & was then again out  in Johnstown & Sacandaga assisted in building the Fort at Sacandaga. Was out on this tour two months-recollects that Col. Willet and Col. Fisher and Major Newkirk were there at the time-served out his time and was discharged.
            In the fall of this year in company with his brother returned to New Jersey, in October this year joined Capt Pyatts Company of Light Infantry or Minute Men.  Mustered at Cranbury, marched to Bennetts Island for the purpose of disarming the Tories, at this latter place took a Capt Stocton prisoner and delivered him at headquarters.  Served under Capt Pyatt for six months during which time [?] were at various places doing guard duty.  At the expiration of the time as discharged at Cranbury by verbal orders.
            In May 1779 again returned to the Mohawk country, was out one month at Fort Hunter, Fonda Mills-at Nose Hill (so called) and at other places which it is impossible to recollect-length of the tour and was then out again for another month at Stolters and other places.  Was again out one month at Johnstown, Sacandaga and other places doing guard duty alternately month about.
            In the year 1780 he was out three or four months alternately month about at Johnstown and the different Forts on the Mohawk and also other short terms of duty at different times and various places,  whole amount of service actually performed was two years and six months.
            He was born in on the 12th day of February, 1759 in the town of Windsor, County of Middlesex and the State of New Jersey-from thence in the year 1774 to the Mohawk District County of Tryon, now to town of Glen County of Montgomery and the state of New York.  In 1781 he removed to the town of Cranbury, County of Middlesex and State of New Jersey.  From hence after residing there for five or six years he removed to Montgomery County, State of New York where he since resided.
            Has a record of his age in the family Bible of his Brother Isaac taken from the Family Bible of his Father.  
            Has no documentary evidence of his services.  Thinks he had a written discharge from Captain Nixon, which has long been lost, and that from bodily infirmity he is unable to attend court.  He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.
(Signed with his mark)  Abraham Covenhoven

Sworn                                                                                     to  & subscribed             the day & year aforesaid before me, John Hand one of the Judges of the Montgomery             County Court.

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