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Pension Application for Mattherw DeGarmo or De Garnio

State of New York
County of Schenectada
            On the 20th day of June 1839, personally appeared before me the undersigned, one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Schenectada, Mathew DeGarmo of the Town of Northumberland in the County of Saratoga, aged seventy nine years and being duly sworn doth declare and say in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions of the Act of Congress passed 7 June 1832, that he was born in the city of Albany in said state, but has no record of his birth that during the Revolutionary War or after its commencement he resided in the County and town of Schenectada and was enrolled in the company of militia commanded by Captain Jelles Fonda in the Regiment Colonel Abraham Wemple and he at times served in the company of Militia in Said Regiment commanded by Captain Jesse Van Slyck.
            Early in the spring of the year 1777, being the same year in which the British under Burgoyne surrendered at Stillwater this declarent was duly enlisted into the company of Batteaumen commanded by Captain Tunis Fisher and served therein transporting stores from Albany to Saratoga, Lake George and other places during the said year until said company was discharged late in the fall, making in all a service of not less than ten months.
            In the month of January 1778 he enlisted again in the department of the Quarter Master General at Saratoga under the immediate charge of Colonel Christopher Yates Deputy Quarter Master General for the Northern Department of the United States of America and served for the term of five months at Saratoga and places adjacent.  And this declarant thinks that the subordinate officers under who he served in this department were Jacob Vrooman and Nicholas Veeder.
            In the fall of the year 1778 he this declarant engaged in an expedition up the Mohawk River with a detachment of like militia from said regiment and served in this time for the term of five or six days.
            In the fall of 1779 he marched with a detachment to Fort Hunter and other places west along the valley of the Mohawk under the command of Captain Ahasures Marselus for the like short term of five or six day.  He served with a like detachment in pursuit of the noted Tory Joseph Bitteys at the neighborhood of the Helderburgh for a scouting party to Saratoga.
            When he this deponent lived at Schenectada as aforesaid he engaged in an expedition to the Upper Fort of Schoharie for the term of one month under the command of Capt. Walter B. Vrooman and George Passage Sergeant Major for said one month he served on his own account and in his own behalf and two weeks for one Garret Van Schaick, said last named tour of two weeks and performed two weeks after the first named tour of one month to wit in the fall of the year 1779.
            An this declarant also testifying that during the last two years of said war he served at Saratoga under Captain Jabez Gage in several short tours to Fort Edward and other places, which he is now unable to particularize.
            And this declarant further says that during the said War of the Revolution he was acquainted with the following named officers besides those already mentioned, viz. Captains Wasson, Vrooman, Oothout and many others of the Schenectada and Albany Militia and also with Captain Peters, Peck, Vernon and other of the Batteauman, Carpenters? and etc.
(Signed) Matthew DeGarmo
Subscribed and Sworn this 25th day of June 1839 before me the said Judge.  John Silus Judge.

Letter included in the pension file.
February 5, 1932.
Susan DeGarmo Hayner
Stillwater, New York
Dear Madam:
            Reference is made to your letter relative to Matthew DeGarmo, a soldier of the Revolutionary War.
            The data furnished herein are obtained from the papers on file in pension claim S.23599 based on the service of Matthew DeGarmo in that war and is the record of the only soldier of that name found on the Revolutionary War records of this office.
            Mathew De’Garmo or Matthew DeGarmo, was born in Albany, new York, date of his birth and names of his parents not shown.  It is stated that the Dutch for Matthew is Tawes or Tewes.
            While a resident of Schenectady, Schenectady County, New York, he enlisted after the “commencement of the Revolution”, dates not given, and served in Captains Jellis Fonda’s and Jesse VanSlyck’s Companies, Colonel Abraham Wempel’s New York Regiment; he enlisted about January 1, 1777 or in the spring of 1777, and served about ten months or one year under Captain Tunis Fisher in the bateaux service, transporting stores from Albany to Saratoga and Lake George; from January 1778, he served five months under deputy Quartermaster General, Christopher Yates, and in the fall of that year, was on a tour of about six days to the Mohawk River; in the fall , 1779, he was on a tour of six days under Captain Ahasures Marselus to Fort Hunter, was on a scouting expedition to Saratoga and served one month in Captain Walter B. Broman’s Company, Colonel Duboys’ New York Regiment; during the last two years of the war, he served on several short tours under Captain Jabez Gage, no details of these services given.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed June 25, 1839, while a resident of Northumberland, Saratoga County, New York.  He was then seventy-nine years of age.  He resided in said Northumberland in 1844.
            It is not stated that the soldier was married.
            In order to obtain the date of last payment of pension, the name and address of the person paid, and possibly the date of death of the above named soldier, you should apply to the Records Division, General Accounting Office, Washington, D.C. citing all of the following data: Mathew DeGarmo, certificate #32152, issued June 8, 1844, rate $34.55 per annum, commenced March 4, 1831, act of June 7, 1832, New York Agency.
Very truly yours,
A.D. Hiller,
Assistant to Administrator

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