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Pension Application for Richard Demott

State of New York
Cayuga County
            Richard Demott of the Town of Mentz, County of Cayuga and State of New York, being duly sworn deposeth and saith that in the year seventeen hundred and eighty-one he enlisted into the Army of the United States in Captain Jonathan Hallet’s Company it being the 5th or 6th in the 2d New York Regiment commanded Col. Philip Cortland, that this deponent staid & continued in the army in the same regiment untill the conclusion of the war in seventeen hundred eight-three when he was honourably discharged at Newburgh in this state, and this deponent further saith that by reason of reduced circumstances in life he is in need of support, assistance [support—crossed out in original] from his country.  And further saith not.  (Signed with his mark) Richard Demott
State of New York
Cayuga County SS.
            Personally appeared before me, John Grover Esq, Judge for the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Cayuga, Richard Demott to me above mentioned and to me known, and made oath upon the Holy Evangelists, that the contents of the above affidavit are true.  And I the said Judge to certify to the Hon. the Secretary of the War Department that I am satisfied that the above affidavit is true.
Dated April 7, 1818
John Grover, Judge of Cayuga Com. Pleas.

State of New York
Seneca County SS
            On this 4th day of October 1820, personally appeared in open court being a court of record for the said county in the October Term of Com Pleas, Richard Demott aged 61 years, resident in the Town of Galen in said County, who, being first duly sworn, according to law, doth on his oath, declare that he served in the revolutionary war as follows:
            That he enlisted in the year 1781 for during the war in Capt. J. Hallet’s Company (1) in Col. Cortlands Regiment 2d New York Troops served two years and two months discharged at the close of the war at New Windsor in the State of New York and that he was in the battles at the surrender of Cornwallis (2) and that the date of his original claim to the best of his knowledge was the 17th day of April 1820.  And that the number of his certificate is 2177.
            And I do solemnly swear that I am by occupation a farmer and that I am attended with a rheumatic complaint in my legs which renders me unable to contribute much towards my support and that my family consists of my wife, Rebecca aged about 50 years, weakly unable to contribute anything towards the support of the family, Jacob aged 18 years healthy, Sally aged 13 years and Henry aged nine years.
(his mark) Richard Damott

1 cow 15.00
1 heifer 12.00
2 calves 3.00
1 yearling 5.00
3 swine 12.00
1 axe, 1 hoe 1.50
1 broadaxe 1.00
1 chest 2.25

Amt bro up
4 old chairs 1.50
Crocker ware 1.25
1 tin pail0.50
2 bills 1.00
2 pots 1.25
1 fry pan 0.50
1 spinning wheel 1.50

Total Amt $59.25
No debts due me.

I owe about one hundred & forty dollars

(his mark)
Richard Damott

            Sworn to and declared on the 4th day of October 1820.
            In open court JH. Halsey Clk
            I, Jahiel Halsey, clerk of Seneca Com. Pleas do hereby certify, that the foregoing oath and the schedule thereto annexed, are truly copied from the record of the said court; and I do further certify, that it is the opinion of the said court that the total amount in value of the property exhibited in the aforesaid schedule is fifty-nine dollars and twenty-five cents.  In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and affixed the seal of the said court, on this 4th day of October 1820.
J. H. Halsey, Clerk of the Court for the County of Seneca.

Letter of inquiry in the Pension Application
            You are advised that it appears from the papers in the Revolutionary War pensions claim. S.44140, that Richard Demott enlisted in 1781 and served two years and two months in Captain Jonathan Hallet’s Company, Colonel Philip Van Cortlandt’s New York Regiment; he was at the siege of Yorktown.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed April 7, 1818 at which time he was a resident of Mentz, Cayuga County, New York.
            In 1820 he was a resident of Galen, Seneca County, New York, aged sixty-one years, and he then referred to the following as his family: Rebecca, his wife, aged about fifty years; Jacob, aged eighteen years; Sally, aged thirteen years; and Henry, aged nine years.

End notes for  Richard Demott S.44140

  1. He enlisted April 23, 1781 as a private in Captain Jonathan Hallett’s company in the Second New York Continental Regiment commanded by Colonel Philip Van Cortlandt.  Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, Series M-246, Folder 27, National Archives, Washington DC.
  2. The Yorktown, Virginia, campaign was from September 28 to the 19th of October 1781.

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