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Pension Application for Hanyost Demout (John Joseph) or Demount, Demont, Honyost (Sarah Fisher, Former widow)

State of New York
Albany Justice Court
            On this 24th day of June in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two before the Justice Court of the City of Albany (the same being a court of record), personally appeared George Fisher a resident of the Township of Whitby in the County of York and Province of Canada, aged fifty-seven years, who being duly sworn, according to law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions of the Act of Congress passed July 4th 1836, and the act explanatory of said act passed March 3, 1837, or the Act of Congress passed July 7, 1838.  And the acts supplementary thereto:
            This declarant doth, on his oath, declare and set forth the following statements of facts, upon which he claims the Benefit of the Acts of Congress above referred to, viz:  He is the only child of Timothy Fisher and Sarah Fisher, his wife, both now deceased.
            The said Sarah Fisher previous to her marriage with the said Timothy Fisher was the widow of Honyost Demout, who died in the year seventeen hundred and ninety-three.
            Deponent saith his mother informed him that she was married to Honyost Demout sometime in the early part of the Revolutionary War, in a place called Schenectady, by a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church.  The said Honyost Demout was a private soldier in the service of the United States in the Revolutionary War with Great Britain and as this deponent has frequently been informed and believes, served as a private in a company commanded by Capt. Aaron Aorson, (1) in one of the regiments of the New York Line.
            And that said Honyost Demout served as such private from some time in the year 1777 to the end of the War of the Revolution and received for his said services six hundred acres of bounty land from the State of New York.
            This declarant farther saith that as he has been informed by his mother the said Sarah she was married to this declarant’s father the said Timothy Fisher in the year seventeen hundred and ninety-four.  That the said Timothy Fisher this declarant’s father died in the year eighteen hundred, leaving the said Sarah his widow and this declarant his only child. 
            This declarant further saith that he always understood from his mother that she never had any children by her former husband the said Honyost Demout.
            This declarant has also understood from his mother that at the time she was married to the said Honyost Demout, she was the widow of Ezekiel Whitney whom she married when quite young and who died shortly after their marriage and by whom she had no children.
            That her maiden name was Dickens and she was the daughter of Thomas Dickens of Litchfield County in the State of Connecticut and that she had two brothers, Thomas and William Dickens, both of whom were soldiers in the Revolutionary War in the service of the United States. 
            This declarant further saith that as he has been informed by his mother at the time of her marriage with the said Timothy Fisher, they resided in the Town of Westmoreland in the County of Oneida and State of New York and continued to reside there until the year 1798 and then they removed to the Township of Fredericksburgh in the Province of Upper Canada and continued to reside there until the death of the said Timothy, and this declarant further saith that the said Sarah continued to reside in said Township of Fredericksburgh until in or about the year 1829.  And she there removed to the Township of Whitby above mentioned, and died at the residence of this declarant in said Township of Whitby on the 5th day of August in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty eight and that she was a widow at the time of her death and was about 95 years of age.
            This declarant further saith that he has often heard his mother, the said Sarah Fisher state that during the Revolutionary War between the United States and Great Britain, she served as a matron or nurse in the Military Hospital attached to the Army of the United States for several years, but how many years this declarant does not now remember.
            He also recollects that his mother also stated that her wages or pay for her services as such matron or nurse was twelve dollars and fifty cents per month and this declarant verily believes that the said statement made by his mother was correct and true.
            And this declarant for further proofs of the facts set forth in this his declaration refers to the documentary evidence hereto annexed, and the records of the State of New York and also to the evidence now on file in the office of the Commissioner of Pensions at the City of Washington.
(signed) George Fisher

State of New York
Schenectady County
            John Burke of the City & County of Schenectady and State of New York, being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath, depose and say, that he is about eighty-nine years of age and is a Pensioner of the United States.
            That he was well acquainted with HonYost Demout, as he was sometimes called, HonYost, Heyanny, in the War of the Revolution.  That said Demout was a soldier in the War of the Revolution.  That said Demout was a solider in one of the Regiments of the New York Line.
            That this deponent well recollects that he was present at the marriage of the said HonYost Demout and Sarah Whitney; that said marriage took place about four or five years before the termination of the Revolutionary War, and this deponent believes it took place in the year 1777 or the year 1778 but is certain that it took place several years before the end of the said war.  That the marriage ceremony was performed by the Reverend Mr. Vrooman, who was then the Pastor of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in the city of Schenectady. 
            This deponent was well acquainted with the said Sarah Demout, after her said marriage and understood and believes that she served in one of the United States Hospitals as a matron or nurse, several years, but is unable to state low long she served in that capacity.
            This deponent further saith that he has been informed and believes that said HonYost Demout died on or about the year 1793 in the County of Oneida, and that his widow the said Sarah, afterwards married a person named Timothy Fisher, and that owing to his infirmity he cannot write his name.
           (Signed with his mark) John Burke
            Subscribed and sworn to this 3rd day of December 1851 before me, John G. McChesney, Justice of the peace.

End Note

    1. Enlisted 4 March 1777 for three years and was discharged on 1 January 1781.  Capt. Aorson’s Company [Fifth Company] was in the Third New York Continental Regiment under Colonel Peter Gansvoort.  Han Yost would have been at Fort Schuyler during the siege of August and also in the Sullivan Campaign of 1779.

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