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            The following excerpts pertain to the Second Continental Light Dragoons which saw service in New York State during the Burgoyne Campaign during 1777 in the Hudson Valley and also were involved in the Battle of the Flockey on August 14, 1777 in the Schoharie Valley.                                                                 
            DESERTED from Capt. Lewis Verjoul's Company, Col. Sheldon's regiment of Cavalry, Nathaniel Stanly, who is so well known that he requires no description. Also, Joseph Harvey, who is [?] years of age, well proportioned, light coloured hair, and about 5 feet 6 inches high; it is supposed said deserters have gone to Massachusetts State. Whoever shall secure the said Stanly and Harvey, and return them to Hartford, shall have Five Dollars for each, and necessary charges paid, by THOMAS Y. SEYMOUR, Lieut
          March 24th, 1777   
            If either of the above deserters will return to their duty, within ten days, they shall be received, & no punishment inflicted.   
The Connecticut Courant and Weekly Intelligencer, Monday, March 24,1777, No. 635, page 1, column 1.                  
            Any Recruits engaged to serve in the Connecticut Line of the Continental Army, for three years or during the war, and are desirous to serve in the Second Regiment Light Dragoons, may be    mustered at the Head Quarters of said Regiment in Worthington, and if accepted receive the necessary Certificates.
ELISHA SHELDON, Col 2nd Regt L.D. Worthington, June 1, 1782
The Connecticut Courant and Weekly Intelligencer, Tuesday, June 18, 1782, No. 908, page 4, column 1.   

            The following excerpts were taken from the Connecticut Courant and pertain to the Mohawk Valley during the War of Independence.
New York, July 20
            For these few Days past, a Report has Circulated in Town, respecting the Mohawk Indians, who, it is said, have thrown off their Connection with Col. Guy Johnson, and engaged to support the  Measures of the Continental Congress. We must defer inserting a more circumstantial Account of that Affair, until it be properly   confirmed.
The Connecticut Courant and Weekly Intelligencer, Monday, July 24, 1775, page 2, column 2.
            The following is a deserter description from Col. Samuel Elmer's Connecticut Regiment. This regiment was stationed in the
Mohawk Valley replacing the Third New Jersey Regiment by October of  1776. They had been serving with Col. Dayton's Regiment during September and fortunately two officers of Dayton's Regiment kept   journals so that we have some record of their service in the Mohawk  Valley during that time. Although James Magee deserted before reaching Johnstown there may have been others with a blue coat that  did serve at Forts Johnstown,Dayton and Schuyler.
            DESERTED from Capt. Jeremiah Parmelee's Company, in Col. Elmer's   regiment, a man that went by the name of James Magee, darkish Complexion, black hair and eyes, about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high,  well built, a little pock broken, had on an old blue coat when he  inlisted. Whoever shall take up said deserter, and deliver him to the subscriber, or to any officer in Col. Elmer's regiment, shall have TEN Dollars reward, and all charges paid by JOHN FISK, Ensign in said Company.
Source: The Connecticut Courant and Weekly Intelligencer, Monday, June 17,  1776, NO. 595, page 3, column 2.    

BOSTON, September 4, 1777
            We hear that the brave General HARKEMAN, is dead of the wound he received at the battle near Oneyda Creek.
Source: The Connecticut Courant and Weekly Intelligencer, Thursday, September 4, 1777, page 3, column 4.


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