Morrison's Pensions

Lieutenant Johannes Dietz’ Company of Rangers—1778
(Drafted out of Colonel Peter Vrooman’s Regiment of Albany County Militia Fifteenth Regt)
Company Officers
Lieutenant Johannes Dietz

Bartholomew, Philip

Hilsinger, Johannes

Becker, Jacob

Jacobse, Jacob

Becker, Philip

Koening, Christopher

Borst, Thomas

Myers, Christian

Brant, Hendrick

Pare, Nicholas

Brown, John

Ridder, Johannes

Daly, Nathan

Ridder, Killian

Ecker, Geroge

Rorick, Casper

Enders Jr., Jacob

Shafer, Peter

Frymyer, Michael

Swart, Peter

Frymyer, Michael

Valek, Karmont

Granter, Jacob

VanDyck, Cornelius

Hagedorn, Samuel


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