Morrison's Pensions

  Roster of Lewis Dubois' Company
Taken at Fort Montgomery in June of 1777 for issue of clothing.

Fifth New York Company Roster (or muster or whatever the actual document is), inclusive dates.  Philip DuBois Bevier Family Papers (inclusive dates). MSS Collection, Huguenot Historical Society, New Paltz, NY

Donated by Kenneth Lifshitz.

Armstrong, James
Blaus, John
Bloomes, William
Burnet, Ebenezer
Bursole, William
Case, Joseph
Crosby, Samuel
Denny, Jonathan
Dimond, Mens
Felton, Peter
Griffin, Benjamin
Hack, George
Hallets. William
Hendrickson, John
Hollet, George
Holter, Moses
Holter, Solomon
Juet, Caleb
Kniffen, Nehemiah
McClear, John
McInerny, John
Mitchell, Joseph
Okey, Abraham
Pemroke, William
Persons, James
Sent, Enis
Shay, Markam
Smith, David
Traverse, Abraham
Tupper, Nathan
Whitehead, William
Wilsey, Abraham
Woolsey, Henry

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