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     In the morning of April 11, 1779, a party of Indians visited Fort Hunter for the purpose of removing their families from the fort.
     That afternoon on their way back to Canada they passed the home of Jacob Dunham in Mayfield. The Indians found Jacob and his son Samuel chopping a tree in one of their fields near the house. The two men had leaned their muskets against a nearby tree.
     The Indians crept closer and closer to the unsuspecting men. The Indians were so near that if the two men tried to escape or reach their muskets they would be shot before they could do so.
     The Indians now stood up, gave their dreaded yell and rushed Jacob and Samuel. The two men attempted to reach their muskets but they were killed before they could reach them. The Indians now headed for the house.
     Mrs. Dunham with her son Silas, on hearing musket fire, ran for the safety of the woods. Zebulon, another son, was taken prisoner by the Indians while attempting to escape into the woods. The Indians took Zebulon back to the house and they started to plunder the house.
     While the Indians were busy plundering the house, Zebulon saw his chance to escape. Zebulon now slipped out the back door but not before one of the Indians saw him. The Indian pursued Zebulon into the woods but he escaped by hiding under a fallen tree and the Indian returned to the house to finish plundering. After the Indians finished plundering the house, they left and once again started on their way to Canada.
     Mrs. Dunham with her two sons started on their journey to Johnstown. On reaching Fort Johnstown, Mrs. Dunham informed Captain John Littel what had happened. The next day a party of men buried the two slain Dunham's and pursued the enemy but they were too far ahead and the men returned to Fort Johnstown.

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