Morrison's Pensions

Werner Taygert (Dygert)

 Fort Rensselaer, 6th October, 1781   
             Dear General-The murder of Mr. Werner Taygert, and the captivity of one of his sons, two days ago, at their uninhabitated house upon Fall hill, by three or four rascals, nobody knows who, comprehends the substance of our present intelligence in this quarter, and it is disagreeable.
            I have, for the present, fixed Major Logan, with his detachment, at Johnstown, and directed him to keep guards at Fort Hunter, and at Veeder's mills, in Caghnawaga. Johnstown is the best place to Caghnawaga, and is an additional protection to Stony Araby.  I have sent Captain Marshall's company from Johnstown to relieve Captain White at Ballstown; and ordered Captain White to this place with his company. I could wish to know from you when you conceive the service of the Massachusetts troops to expire.
            This department is badly furnished with surgeons. The surgeon of my regiment is at the German flats, and can not attend any other place.  My surgeon's mate is at Saratoga.  At this place we have a mate from the general hospital, and this quarter is all that he can attend.  Major Logan has requested me to supply him with a doctor at Johnstown.  You can easily perceive that this is not in my power.  I shall be glad if you can order him one from Saratoga, or any other place you please.
                              I am, &c.,
To Brigadier General Stark        Marinus Willett

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