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Pension Application for Jacob Eaker or Eacker

This application is very faded and difficult to read.
W.16566 (Widow: Margaret of Margareth.  Jacob died 21 Aug 1833)
State of New York
Montgomery County SS.
            On the 28 day of December 1836 personally appeared before me examined and [can’t make out several words] said County Margareth Eaker, Widow of Jacob Eaker deceased of the Town of Palatine County and State aforesaid aged eighty eight years past, who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on her oath make the following declaration, In order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4th 1836, that she is the widow of Jacob Eaker who was 2e Lieut from the year 1775, until the 6th day of August 1777.  At the time of Oriskany Battle when Capt. John Breadbeg, John Zielly 1st Lieut and Jacob Eaker 2d Lieut, then the husband of said Claimant.  All three were engaged in said memorable battle under the command of Genl Nicholas Herkimer, against the British Army, composed of Indians, Tories, land some regular troops, under the chief command of Genl St. Leger from Canada, when at the said engagement Capt Breadbeg was seareously wounded although claimant, saith, that she does not recollect of being informed that Capt. Breadbeg after battle had resig’d, his commission as Capt, but claimant is sure that Capt. Breadbeg did not assume the Command of the Company during the remainder part of the war, but to the contrary, the widow states that from and after the time of Oriskany Battle, Lieut John Zilly as Capt. and her Husband as 1st Lieut, assumed and continued the command of the said Company until the 25th day of October 1781 when engaged in Johnstown Battle, under the chief command of Col. Marinus Willett, against Majr Ross and Capt. Butler, with their Incendiaries from Canada, in which Capt. Zielly was made a Prisoner and forced to Canada,
            And Claimant further saith that from the time Capt. Zielly was taken prisoner, that her husband vizt Lieut Eaker assumed and continued the Command of said company until the final termination of the Revolutionary War.
            Claimant further declares that Lieut Eaker vizt her husband was also appointed Quartermaster of the Regt commanded by Col. Jacob Klock in the year 1778 and apparently thought expedient to have him the said Lieut Eaker appointed to that office as Col. Klock had but a few men in his Regt suitable to that Station and that the deceased officer from and after the year 1778 did render United States service in both capacities until the close of the Revolution, and that from the beginning to the Termination of the distressed Revolution the husband of Claimant did belong to the Regiment of Militia Commanded by Col.. Jacob Klock, and Lieut Col. Peter Waggoner.
            Claimant further declares that thorough searched having been made by my agency in two different books, containing the church records kept by both the Consistories as well as by the Record of Abraham Rosengrants himself in the Reformed Dutch Church in Stonearabia, but instructed that the proceedings of the Marriage Covenant are not contained in either.
            But Claimant do say that she had joined in lawful wedlock with Jacob Eaker, above named by and before the aforesaid Rev’d Abraham Rosengrantz & married on the 17th day of June 1773 and Cohabited together until the 21st day of May 1823 when he left this [?] world, when he was aged [74?] years 3 months and one day and have cohabited together some short of fifty years, when he went to his eternal residence, and that she had remained his widow ever since to this present day.
            Claimant further declares that she finding it impracticable to specify each and every tour and occurrence from the year 1775, although doth recollect that her aforesaid husband has and did render United States services as an officer faithfully, I say from the year 1775 during the same and during the said war, and to the close of the same that omitting one single year without being called out at various times.
            1775  Claimant further saith that during the course of this year her husband often and frequently was called out in consequence of alarms much produced and occasioned through the means of Sr. John Johnson, besides many others, disaffected persons, watching and Guarding on the frontier Part of Palatine [?] John Saltsman, ordered to Johnstown by Regt and at various and different times finding it impossible to mention or specify all, but says that her husband at least has rendered the length of two months service during the year 1775.
            1776  Claimant further declares that in the early part of winter the militia were all ordered out by Brigade under Genl Herkimer to Caughnawaga where joined Genl. Schuyler with his militia from the east a surrender of John Johnson as always instructed with about 200 Tories deponent further saith that sometime in spring or forepart in summer on an alarm believing at the time of the conflagration at Balstone, the Militia ordered out in mass by Regt. again in fall, on an alarm the militia ordered out in mass to Caughnawaga and Tripe’s Hill and from thence removed to Johnstown from thence ordered by Genl Herkimer to Stonearabia there stationed & in Snell’s Fort rendering Garrison duty for three weeks.
            Claimant further saith that the Militia were frequently ordered out on alarms impossible to specify the particular tours but Claimant being well satisfied and assured that the deceased officer at least having rendered the length of four months services to the United States during the course of this year.
            1777  Claimant further saith, that in the early part of winter this year, a draft of the Militia was made out of Col. Klock’s Regt, Vizt out of the whole Brigade to Tigondaroga, not returned until April 3 months, again from April until 6th August watching and guarding, often and frequently called out on various occurrences.  Impossible to specify each and every tour, but says that her husband having been gone from home in rendering Untied States Services at least 2 months, until the 6th August.
            Claimant further saith, that she often heard her deceased husband say that Capt. Breadbed, Lieut John Zielly and himself hath been engaged in that ever memorable Battle at Oriskany, on the 6th day of August 1777, when Capt. Breadbeg was sereously wounded and after relinquishing the command of said company, but when restored to some strength alike a brave soldier and officers he frequently volunteered meeting various occurrencies, she says that the length of services rendered the length of at least six months during said year.
            1778  Claimant further saith that during this year many occurrences have happened and perpetrated by the enemy.  Claiment says that her husband hath not been deficient at any time no not once to her knowledge during the continuance of the war, only begs leave to mention some of the most prominent occurrences occurred during this year, the desolations and Genl conflagrations, at Springfield, Herkimer, and Cherry Vallee, but exclusively of these tours Claimant chiefly during the whole season from the early part in spring, ordered to turn out in rendering United States service at least the full length of five months, during said year.
            1779  Claimant says that during the course of the year, Murder and depredation not very frequent, but generally much alarmed causing the Militia continually being alarmed, often and frequently ordered and directed by rendering garrison duty at the respective forts.  In April, said year, on the frontier part of Palatine, three persons killed & three wounded in defending their lifes and houses, again latter part of June or forepart of July, at the time of the Genl Conflagration on the south side of the Mohawk River at Herkimer from Fort Herkimer down to fall hill, and all fall hill made desolate murdering, scalping, burning and prisoners taken when the Col. Klock’s Regt were ordered and marched there &c.
            Claimant further saith, that her deceased husband has and did render the length of at least four months United States Services as Lieut and QuarterMaster during said year.
            1780, during the course of this year from March until late in fall, Claimant says and declare, that he dec’d husband she may safely say that out of nine months, had not three months to himself in attending to his legal concerns at home, but continually engaged in rendering United States Services for and during said year at least the length of six months.
            1781  Claimant further saith that he deceased husband in regard to his services to the United States which he has rendered during the course of this year, was much similar to that of the Emediate foregoing year, vizt, 1780, his services rendered to the United States not falling short of six months, which he has and did render at least on behalf of the United States during said year Six Months.
            1782  Claimant further said that her deceased husband during the course of this year, although the Common Enemy not so formidable, appearing by large parties or armies, but continually annoying.
            The Inhabitants from March until late in fall the militia continually alarmed often and frequently pursuing the enemy watching and guarding the forts, almost continually during the whole period of the aforesaid time, during said period frequently murder, burning, and frequently snatching away and in dragging along many to Canada during that period, claimant says that her deceased husband has rendered at least four months service to the United States during the year.
            Claimant further saith, that her deceased husband has and did at least render the full length of two years service to the United States for and during the period of eight years from the commencement to the conclusion of the said Revolutionary War.  And for which she claims her pension as the widow of Jacob Eaker as 1st Lieut and Quartermaster in Col. Jacob Klock’s Regt. at the time of the Revolution.
            And the said widow or claimant, further declare that in consequence of old age, and bodily infirmities she cannot attend the court at Johnstown in order to attend with her Declaration.
            And that she hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a Pension or Annuity except the present, and declares that her name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.  (Signed with her mark)  Margareth Eaker
            [Can’t see who swore and subscribed the document.  The document goes on for a few more pages and which are not legible.]

Letter dated September 14, 1837 to a request for information.
            You are furnished herein the record of Jacob Eacker (name appears also as Eaker) as found in pension claim, W. 16566, based upon his services in the Revolutionary War.
            The date and place of birth and names of the parents of Jacob Eacker are not shown.
            Jacob Eacker entered the service sometime in 1775, having been appointed 2nd Lieutenant by the Provincial Congress, served at different times during the Revolutionary War, amounting in all to two years, under Captains John Breaedbake and John Zielley in Colonel Jacob Klock’s 2nd Battalion of Tryon (later Montgomery) County, New York Militia, as 2nd lieutenant until the battle of Oriskany August 6, 1777, in which battle he served and after which he was promoted to 1st lieutenant; he was appointed Quartermaster at Fort Paris in Colonel Jacob Klock’s New York regiment June 25, 1778, and rendered service as both 1st lieutenant and quartermaster until the battle of Johnstown October 25,1781, in which he served under Colonel Marinus Willett in the New York troops and where Captain Zielley was taken prisoner and Jacob Eacker assumed command as captain, in which capacity he served to the close of the Revolution.
            In addition to his services as a Revolutionary War officer, Jacob Eacker served at different times as a member of the House of Assembly in the State Legislature of new York, also as one of the Judges of Montgomery County, New York Court of Common Pleas, Justice of the Peace for that county, and Supervisor of the Town of Palatine, Montgomery County, New York.  He died May 21, aged seventy-four years three months one day.
            Jacob Eacker married June 17, 1773, place not stated, Margaret of Margerath Fink. The date and place of her birth and name of parents are not given.
            Soldier’s widow, Margaret or Margareth Eacker, was allowed pension on her application executed December 28, 1836, at which time she was aged eighty-eight years and a resident of Palatine, Montgomery County, New York, where she was still living in 1837.  She died August 27, 1840.
            Margaret or Margerath Eacker,soldier’s widow was survived by the following children:
            Catharine Lasher, who in 1841 was the widow of George Lasher.
            Elizabeth Fox, wife of Jacob Fox.
            Jacob I. Eacker who in 1841 was a resident of Chemung County,New York.
            Margaret Van Slyck, wife of Harmanus N. Van Slyck.
            In 1841, one George G. EAcker made affidavit in Fulton County, New York, that he was personally acquainted with the children named above, but did not state any relationship to them.
            In 1837, Christian Fink, born March 4, 1759, a brother of Margaret Eacker, widow of Jacob, was residing in Victory, Cayuga County, New York, and stated that his birth was recorded in the Dutch Reformed Church of Stone Arabia in Palatine, Montgomery County, New York.
            In 1834, one Jacob Snell, aged seventy-five years was living in Palatine, New York, and made affidavit in behalf of Margaret or Margerath Acker, and stated that he was then a member of the Assembly and Senate of New York State and that for many years he was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, New York, also High Sheriff of that county.  He did not state any relationship to the soldier, or to his wife.
            One Nicholas Van Slyke was appointed ensign in 1778 in the same company in which Jacob Acker was serving as 2nd lieutenant; his relationship to Harmanus N. VanSlyck who married soldier’s daughter, Margaret, was not shown.

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