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Pension Application for William Ehle

State of New York
County of Madison

On the 28 th day of April 1818 before me the subscriber one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the county and state aforesaid personally appeared William Ehle, aged Seventy years, resident in the Town of Sullivan in the county and state aforesaid who being by me first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provisions of the “Act of Congress entitled “An Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the Land and Naval service of the United State in the Revolutionary War”.

That he the said William Ehle enlisted a short time before the Battle of Oriskany in Canajohary in the State of New York in the company commanded by Captain Gerret Lansing (1) of the New York Line in Col. Van Schaick's Regiment and that he continued to service as a private in the said Corps or in the service of the United States, eighteen months when he was discharged in Johnstown in the State of new York the particulars of his discharge he does not remember. That he was in the Battle of Oriskany, (2) and in a Battle at Johnstown, and that he is in reduced circumstances and stands in need of the assistance of his country for support and that he has no other evidence now in his power of his said service.

(his mark) William Ehle

Sworn to and declared before me this day and year aforesaid. John Stocking, Judge.


State of New York
Montgomery County

On this sixteenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty, personally appeared in open court being a court of record for the said county of Montgomery called the Court of Common Pleas of said county being in court proceeding according to the Cause of the Common law & having the power of fine and imprisonment. William Ehle aged about seventy-two years, resident in the Town of Palatine in the county aforesaid, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary War in the company Commanded by Captain McKean in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Wynkoop in the Line of the State of New York in the Continental establishment, from sometime according to the best of this deponent's knowledge, recollection and belief in the beginning of March 1776. (3)

At which time this deponent enlisted into the said corps until sometime in the month of January or February the next following, when he was discharged from the said service in the county and state aforesaid.

And this deponent saith that he is mentioned on the pension list roll of the New York Agency and that the number of his pension certificate is 16.617 and that the original oath or declaration made by this deponent under the Act of Congress the 18 th March 1818 was dated on the 28 th April 1818.

And I solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the Untied States on the 18 th day of April 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift, sale or in any manner disposed of my assets in any part hereof with intent hereby so to diminish it as to bring myself within the provision of an Act of Congress entitled an Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and navel service of the United States in the Revolutionary War passed on the 18 th day of March 1818, and that I have not nor any persons in trust for me any property or securities, contracts, or debts, due to me nor have I any income other than what is contained in the schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed which is as follows. Real Estate

I have none either in possession, reversion, remainder or expietincy—

Personal Estate, I have the following to wit—1 pocket book, six cups and saucers, six knives and forsk, one creamer, seven plates, one sugar bowl, three kettles, one jack Knife, 1 old chest, one tobacco box, one spinning wheel & one razor. (his mark) William Ehle

The declaration sworn to and declared in open court on the 16 th day of June 1820. John McCarthy Clerk.

End Notes

  1. Garret G. Lansing was commissioned Ensign on the 9 th of February 1779 in the Third New York Continental Regiment. In 1781 when the Third New York was consolidated with the First New York Continental Regiment, Lansing was transferred to the First New York. I have found no proof of William serving in either regiment. In any case his service would have been between 1779 and 1781.
  2. The Battle of Oriskany was fought on the 6 th of August 1777 and the Battle of Johnstown was fought on the 25 th of October 1781. William served under Captain John Breadbake in Colonel Jacob Klock's Regiment of Tryon County Militia (Second Regiment) in both battles. William also served at other times under Captain John Zeely also from Colonel Klock's Regiment.
  3. William served as a private from March to November 1776 in Captain Robert McKean's Company in Colonel Cornelius D. Wynkoop's Fourth New York Continental Regiment. Source: Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783, Series M-246, Roll 78, National Archives, Washington D.C.

Letter included in the Pension Application File.

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