Morrison's Pensions

John Eisenlord's Letter

Mount Independence at Ticonderoga, March 7, 1777
Dear Father in Law
            I profit of this good Opportunity to acquaint you, that I am thank God, yet well disposed in this station, hoping and wishing that these may find you and your whole Family all in good health. We have here no News yet of the Enemy approaching, but we have neither Orders to march home. Yet I suppose, that we shall be discharged or relieved within a month's Time since our Departure. We are building here a Bridge of 16OO foot long from this Mount Independent to Fort Ticonderoga over Lake Champlain - I inclose here a Letter to my wife, please to forward it as soon as possible.  I salute you and Mother in Law, my Brothers and Sisters in Law, heartily and my always,
     Your affectionate Son and humble Servt.  Jno Eisenlord
To Mr Peter Grems, Stonearabia   

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