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Pension Application for Ebenezer Elmer

S.4280 {BL.WA.663-400 Surg. Dated Apr 21, 1790. No papers.  Carded}
            For the purpose of obtaining the benefits of an act entitled “An Act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the Army of the Revolution” approved 15th May 1828.  I Ebenezer Elmer of Bridgetown in the County of Cumberland in the State of New Jersey do hereby declares that I was an officer of the Continental Line of the Army of the Revolution and served as such to the end of the war at which period I was a surgeon in the Second Regiment of the New Jersey Line.
            And I do also declare that I afterward received Certificates (Commonly called Commutation Certificates for a sum equal to the amount of five years full pay; which sum was offered by the resolve of Congress on the 22d of March 1788 instead of the half pay for life, to which I was entitled by the resolve of the 21st of October 1780.
            Witness my hand this 9th day of June in the year eighteen hundred twenty-eight 1828.
(Signed) Eben. Elmer
            Before me David Lupton, a Justice of the Peace in the County of Cumberland in the State of New Jersey personally appeared this day, Jeremiah Buck and Josiah Fritrian of the said county who did severally make the oath that Ebenezer Elmer by whom the foregoing declaration was subscribed.

            I, Hugh R. Merseilles, Surrogate of the County of Cumberland do hereby certify that Dr. Ebenezer Elmer formerly an officer in the Army of the Revolution died in the said county on the eighteenth day of October last and that his last will and testament hath been duly proved according to law in my office and administration, thereof committed to Lucius H. Elmer executor therein named and I do further certify that the said Lucius H. Elmer and Sarah L. Will wife of Rev’d Dr. William Will (of Philadelphia) are the only children and heirs of said Ebenezer Elmer and that he left no widow.
            In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and my seal of office this twenty-eighth day of November one thousand and eight hundred and forty three.
(Signed) H. R. Merseilles, Surrogate

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