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The Second Immegration came in the early part of 1709 with many thousand others and his name is preserved in the Public Records in the British Museum, his age in 1709 is stated as 34, he was accompanied by his wife and one son 9 years old. It is stated that he belonged to the Reformed Church and that he was a Husbandman or small Farmer, he was a petitionor for the Stone Arabia Patent and a potenta of the same he was one of the Founders of the Stone Arabia Reformed Church in the allotment of the Patent he received Lots 13 and 38 see orginial deed in New York Secretary of States Office. In the Church book of West Camp the name of his wife is stated as Marie (see Baptismal record) of his son Jacob 1812, he had 2 children Christian and Jacob.

Christian the oldest son was born in Germany about 1700 he was one of the Patentees of the Stone Arabia Patent and received in the allotment, Lots 26 and 33, see original deed in New York Secretary of State Office, he died prior to 1744. he had three children, Jacob, Andrear or Andrew and William.

Jacob Finck - Was born July 28, 1712 at West Camp on the Hudson.

Children of Christian Finck
Andrear or Andrew Finck was born September 2, 1721 Computed from dates on gravestones in the Reformed Church cemetary of Stone Arabia, N. Y. He married on December 14, 1742 Catharine Elizabeth Loucks, see entry of marriage in the books of the Reformed Church of Stone Arabia, she was born March 10,1720, computed from dates on gravestones in the above church cemetery. She died March 31, 1790 see gravestones.

William Finck - ( son of Christian) married Maria Eaker parents of Lieutenant John Finck born 1753 and probably of the Christian Finck who was killed at Oriskany, had also children and is also an ancestor of Mrs Austin Burdeck.

Margaretha Finck - Married Henry Loucks.

Andrew Finck - served as private and Ensign in the Colonial and Revolution War and died at Stone Arabia, August 22, 1786. See gravestones, his will was made July 15, 1786 and probated 1792 and is recorded in the surrogate office of Montgomery County of New York in book one of wills page 87.

Children of Andrew Finck--Anna Margaretha who married Lieutenant and Judge Jacob Eacker born March 22, 1746.

Major Finck

Andrew was born February 1, 1751, married Maria Markell January 11, 1783. Maria Markell was born Nov. 23, 1763 and died January 28,1823. She was a daughter of Henry Markell of Stone Arabia, Major Andrew Finck died Feb. 3, 1820

John Yost or Han Yost Finck was born August 1753, he served as a private during the Revolution war in VanCortland and Klocks Regiment. He was married twice, his first wife was Maria Suits and they had four daughters and one son, the later Andrew Finck was living in stone Arabia. in 1898 and his recollections were of material assistence to the writer, this branch of the family is entirely died out.

Maria Magdolene Finck was born January 7, 1756 and married Captain Nicholas Coppernoll.

Christian Finck, born, March 4, 1759 married Elizabeth Suits, the baptism of above 5 children is crecorded in the Reformed Church books of Stone Arabia, NY.

Catharine Finck married Captain John Seeley who had charge of Fort Keyser during the battle of Stone Arabia.

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