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Fire in the Barracks

Johnstown, 26th Feb'y 1779
Sir: I have now Just got Leisure to Inform you of the most Meterial matters of the misfortune that has befallen us at this Post. About 4 O Clock this morning we where alarmed by the Cry of fire. We Immediately got out of bed but before we Could get out of the room we found the Barracks where all in flames - Our Attention then was to secure the stores which was in the Gaol, as we had no hopes of preventing that being Consumed as the Barracks stood adjoining, but the Officers & men Exerting themselves to the Utmost prevented the body of the Gaol Burning with the loss of about one half the Roof -About Twenty Yards of the Picquets were burnt but hope by to morrow night to have them Repair'd - the Quarters for our men will be very bad untill I can get the Gaol Repaired but shall Lose no time. The fire took in the Lower part of the Barracks and it had got so far before it was discovered that it was Impossible to save them. The Loss is very Considerable Viz: 3 Horses Continental, 1 Belonging to myself, 1 to the Commissary; 7 Muskets; 8 Bayonets; 9 Pouches; 100 Cartridges; 500 Hay; 1 Waggon & Harness; Coats; 1 Vests; 1 Breeches; 11 Shirts; 13 Shoes; 13 Stockings; 6 Hats; 3 Blankets. Since the alarm I had made a Stable of One Room of the Barracks that I might have the horses in the Fort. Several men at the Risque of their lives ventured to get them out but it could not be Effected. Of the Commissaries Stores the following Articles were lost in the hury & Confusion of moving them Viz. - 2 Barrels flour (as the Casks where very bad); 1 Do Soft Soap; 2 Bushels Salt; 7 Hides Burnt in the Barracks. This is the most particular account I can at present give as I have been so Fatigued & am now so Confused I am not fit to write which hope will Appologize any Deficiency. With all due Respect I am,Sir, Your most Obed't humble Servt Saml Sacket, Capt Commandg
on Publick Service
The Honble General James Clinton
Express Albany

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