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Invalid Application for Colonel Frederick Fisher

            Coll Frederick Fisher Came before me Simon Veeder one of the Justices of the County of Montgomery in the State of New York and made Oath that he was examined by Abraham TenBrook and Peter Gansevoort Junier Esquires, appointed by the said State for that purpose obtained a Certificate or had his Certificate Examined and Countersigned Setting forth that he had served as a Colonel of the militia in the County of Montgomery that he was disabled by being wounded & Scalped at Caughnawaga on the 22 day of May 1780 by a Party of the Indians and that he now Lives in the District of Caughnawaga in the County of Montgomery.  Fredk Fisher (Col.)
            Sworn Before me this 2d Day of May 1789, Simon Veeder Justice
            To Gerrard Banker Esqr.  Trassurer of the State of New York
From: New York in The Revolution Volume II, pg 32. 1898, Roberts & Mather 1901

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