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            This payroll for Captain Jellis Fonda's (pronounced Yellis by the Dutch and German and as Giles by the English) Company of Associated Exempts in Colonel Frederick Visscher's Regiment of Tryon County Militia was misfiled.
            This payroll was filed in Captain Jellis J. Fonda's Papers in the Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, National Archives, Washington, D.C..  Captain Jellis J. Fonda was a captain in Colonel Abraham Wemple's Regiment of Albany County Militia (the Second Regiment but better known as the Schenectady Regiment).
            To add to the confusion there was a Jellis Abraham Fonda who served as an Ensign in Col. Wemple's Regiment until 178O.  He was then a Lieutenant in Colonel Morris Graham's Regiment of New York State Levies in 178O and from 1781-1784 he served as Adjutant, Lieutenant and finally as Captain in Colonel Marinus Willett's Regiment of New York State Levies.
            Why the confusion?  All three had been Captains and served in the Mohawk Valley at the same time.  It was Captain Jellis J. Fonda who was at Fort Paris during the mutiny of 1779, but he was under Col. Visscher which also adds to the confusion.
            Col. Visscher was put in charge of the three months drafts from the Albany County Militia which was stationed at Fort Paris, Plank and other posts.
                                                         1777 MAY 13 TO 21 DO - 9 DAYS
Capt. Jelles Fonda
Lt Zaphania Bachler
Sarjent Richard Collins
Do Daniel Smith
Corporal Jacob Frey
Do James Van Dusen
Do hendrick Wemp
[name illegible]
Wm Hall
Adam Fonda
John Van Antwerpen
David Quack
Steven Mombrout
Johannes herdel
Timothy Lenderson
John Ecker
John Van Zilen
John Marseles
george files
Barent B. Wemp
Arent Smith
John Van husen
Hendrick Van Dewerken
Daniel Prime


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