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Fort Montgomery Servicemen
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Reynolds, William,* priv, Woodhull Smith
*Wounded and captured at Fort Montgomery, October 6, 1777. I 129
Clark, David, Sergt., Capt. Jon'n Brown's, enl'd May, '77; captured at Fort Montgomery, Oct 6, '77, died in prison.
A. P. 30-89. Woodbridge, Conn.
Garnet, John. Rank: Private; Regt. or Co.: Artillery; Residence: Goshen; Remarks: Wounded in hand at Fort Montgomery on Oct. 6, 1777; continued to end of war.
Johnson, Robert. Rank: Private; Regt. or Co.: - ; Residence: New Windsor; Remarks: Wounded at the capture of Fort Montgomery on Oct. 6, 1777; no rolls in War Dept.
Reynolds, William. Rank: Private; Regt. or Co.: Volunteer; Residence: New Cornwall; Remarks: Wounded at Fort Montgomery and taken prisoner on Oct. 6, 1777; disability not proven
Steel, James. Rank: Private; Regt. or Co.: Colo: Dubois; Residence: Goshen; Remarks: Wounded at the taking of Fort Montgomery on Oct. 6, 1777; enlisted Dec. 2, 1776 for the war.
Benjamin Lattimore (African American)  At the outbreak of the War for Independence, Benjamin was living in the town of New Marbury in Ulster County. In September 1776, he enlisted the Third New York New Regiment of the Continental army. A few days later, his company was sent to New York City where he took part in the losing battle for Manhattan. In 1777, he was on duty at Fort Montgomery and was captured when the British stormed the fort. Taken to New York City, he was made a servant of British officers. While on a trip into Westchester County, he was captured by the Americans and sent home. After the war he created the first African American private primary school in Albany.
Daniel Cornell Military/Pension Record [Ref. 67]
The State of Ohio
            Personally appeared before the subscriber, Judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio, Daniel Cornell, who being duly sworn states, that in the summer of seventeen hundred and seventy six, he enlisted in the regular Army of the revolution under Samuel Sacket a recruiting officer of the Continental Army, for two years and was stationed at Fort Montgomery in the State of New York, where he remained the whole of the above time under the command of Col. Humphrey. That after the expiration of the above time he again enlisted for nine months under Captain Brainard which term he faithfully served.
            The said Daniel Cornell further states that from the time of his first enlistment aforesaid until the taking of Burgoyne, he was constantly in the Continental Army by enlistments for different periods. That he was in Fort Montgomery when it was taken by the enemy, and made his escape, also he was at the battle of the White Plains and in summary skirmishes, until the taking of Burgoyne, in which engagement he was concerned.
            He further states that he received discharges at the termination of his different terms which were lost with all his personal property by an extraordinary rise in the Susquehanna River, which destroyed his house and all his personal property which it contained.
            He states that he cannot recollect the number of the regiment commanded by Col. Humphrey. That his reduced circumstances require the assistance of the Government. He is now near sixty one years of age, so infirm that he cannot labour and so poor as to be unable to procure the comforts of life. It is with difficulty he can ____ to walk. That he does not know whether any of his officers, under whom he served and with whom he was acquainted, are now living. Nor does he know of any person living who served in the ranks with him. If there be any such he does not know their place of residence.
            Sworn and subscribed his before me this 12 May 1819
(Signed with his mark) Daniel  Cornell
John Mc Luke mark
            I am satisfied that the statement in the foregoing affidavit is substantially correct as to the _____ of the said Daniel Cornell and also as to his reduced circumstances though they have become reduced by intemperance.
John Mc Luke; Judge Sup.  Court of Ohio
JAMES SCHOLEFIELD, BLWt #609-100. He was a brother of Ely Scholefield, Alexander Scholefield, Major [____] Scholefield, Elizabeth (Scholefield) Hanyan, and Sarah (Scholefield) Bloomer. He served as a private in the New York Line and was killed in the Battle of Fort Montgomery on October 6, 1777 while serving in Captain Thomas Machin's Company of Colonel John Lamb's Regiment of Artillery. Both Captain Thomas Machin and William Haight testified as to the circumstances of James' death.
HENRY SCHOONMAKER, RWPA #W15800. He was a son of Henry Schoonmaker. He married on May 23, 1784 Jane Ackerman, a daughter of David Ackerman. He died on June 18, 1826. He served as a sergeant in Captain Henry Goodwin's Company of the Fifth New York Regiment. He was taken by the British at Fort Montgomery. He later served in Captain Henry Vanderbergh's Company of the Second New York Regiment. His file contains a deposition by James Emett.
SYLVANUS SIMMONS, RWPA #S14484. He served as an artillery artificer in Captain James Young's Colonel [ ] Baldwin's Regiment. He also served in Colonel Lewis Dubois' Regiment and was enroute to Fort Montgomery to reinforce it, but failed to arrive before its loss to the British.
ROBERT SIMONDS, BLWt #7857.  He served in Colonel John Lamb's Regiment.
STEPHEN TALMAGE, RWPA #S28906.  He was pensioned by House of Represenatives Bills # 282 & 275 on February 4, 1836. He was age 73 when deposed on October 2, 1832.  He served as a private in Captain John Davis' Company of the Fourth New York Regiment at Fort Montgomery.  His file contains depositions by Nathan Fordham, Sylvanius Halsey, and Abrahm Shenil Junior.
ABRAHAM WOOD, RWPA #S14880. He was born in the Town of Montgomery, Orange County, New York on December 25, 1759. He served as a private in Captain [ ] Gillispy's Company of Colonel [ ] Hardenburg's Regiment. He states that Captain [ ] Roos was killed in a battle at Fort Montgomery, New York.
JACOBUS PERSONIUS, RWPA #S43831. He was born on July 11, 1748. He served as a corporal in Captain Phillip De Bevier's Company of the Fifth New York Regiment. He fought in the Battle of Fort Montgomery.
HENRY RELYEA, RWPA #W20017.  His widow states he served in Captain [ ] Ross' Company of the Ulster County and Dutchess County, New York Militia and a performed a tour at Fort Montgomery.  His file contains depositions by Jacob Lawson and Peter Miller.
DILL, John--Entered what was termed the five months' service as a volunteer orderly sergeant in Capt. John Graham's company, Colonel Paulding's regiment, under Gen. Alexander McDougall, and in October, 1777, was stationed at Fort Montgomery in that part of the work called Fort Clinton.  The two were separated by a small creek, and when captured by the British the battle continued until late at night, enabled those in Fort Clinton to escape.  Dill and others swam the creek and passed under the wall of Fort Montgomery.  After Burgoyne's surrender Dill returned to the army as an artificer.  He was discharged in 1780, and died at Camillus September 21, 1846, when eighty-eight years old.  He was a pensioner in 1840, and lived with Samuel Dill. 

Milliken, Alexander, Listed on one stone, "In memory of Alexander Milliken of Scotlands Armored [Armorial] family and his son Capt. James of the committee of safety, Capt. Nathaniel of the New Windsor Minute Men the officers killed in battle at Fort Montgomery 10/6/1777-Alexander-John-Robert-Hugh-soldiers of the colonial revolutionary Wars".  Goodwill Cemetery; Montgomery, Orange County, New York

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