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Pension Application for Michael Frank

W.24247 (Catharine)  For her husband’s service of 5 years & 8 months, the soldier’s widow received a pension of $8.00 a month to commence on 11 of April 1828.  Certificate of Pension issued the 15 June 1828.  Arrears settlement $278.36 plus semi-anl.  All’ce $48.00=$326.36.
State of New York
Cortland SS
            Michael Frank being duly sworn doth depose and say that he is a Resident Citizen of the Town of Virgil in the said County of Cortland.  That in the month of October one thousand seven hundred and seventy seven he this Deponent enlisted as a Private in the Army of the United States in the fourth company of the second New York Regiment.  That he this Deponent continued in the said Service for the period of Five years and eight months and on the seventh day of June one thousand seven hundred and Eighty three was honourably discharged from the said service by George Washington.
            And this Deponent further says that from his reduced circumstances he needs the assistance of his Country for support.  (Signed with his mark)  Michael Frank
            Subscribed and Sworn this Eleventh day April Eighteen hundred and Eighteen Before me John Ballard Judge of Cortland Common Pleas. 
State of New York
Cortland County SS.
            On this Thirteenth day of September 1820 personally appeared in open court, being a Court of Record by the laws of said State for the said County of Cortland, Michael Frank aged Seventy One years resided in the town of Virgil in the said County of Cortland who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows:  That he enlisted in the service of the United States in a company commanded by Capt. Smith (1) in Colo VanCortland’s Second New York Regiment in the year 1777 & served five years eight months that the date of his original declaration is the 11th day of April 1818 but has never rec’d a pension certificate that he was in the Battle of Monmouth. (2)
            And I do solemnly swear that I was a resident of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818 & that I have not since that time by gift, sale or in any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring myself within the provision of an act of Congress entitled “an act to provide for certain persons engaged on the land & naval service of the United States in the revolutionary War” passed on the 18th day of march 1818, and that I have not, l nor has any person in trust for me any property or securities, contracts or debts due to me, not have I any income other than what is contained in the Schedule hereunto annexed & by me subscribed.
            Real Estate none
            2 middling Cows worth about fourteen dollars each--2 horses worth about forty dollars each. 3 hogs worth six dollars. 10 sheep worth 10 dollars. 1 5 pail kettle. 1 pail kettle.  1 half pail kettle.  1 Pan, 1 skillet.  1 pr hand irons.  1 pr wood tongs. 1 crane. 1 old table. 1 tin pails.  2 wood pails.  2 tin pans.  1 [?] & 1 set knives & forks old. 6 spoons 2 old chests. (Signed with his mark)  Michael Frank.  Witness R. Randall.
            And the said Michael Frank further swears that he is infirm and have been unable for nine years to performed hard labor in consequence of a brace or rupture in the Groin.
            That he has a wife named Catharine aged fifty six years infirm and at times unable to labor in consequence of the cramps and Rheumatic complaints that he is by occupation a farmer.
            That he has three children living with him, George aged thirty years, John aged Twenty three & Michael Jr. aged fifteen who together support the said Michael and his wife.
            That during the arduous struggle for Independence he was in the tented field by the side of Washington, endured hardship & hunger, toil & every deprivation without a murmur, that the hardship there endured and suffered was not for any pecuniary aid or advantage, but for love of Country, that he never was paid or rewarded in full for services but that either thro’ a want of Knowledge in obtaining his pay or the improper conduct of others, a sum of about one hundred dollars is and was due to him at the time he was discharged.  That he left his native Country (Brunswick, Germany) and his family & friends to see an asylum in this new world which he adopted as his home & to which he has always contributed his exertions to support.  (Signed with his mark)
            Sworn to & Declared on this 13th day of September 1820 before.  Edward C. Reed, Barak Niles, Oliver Wiswell. Judges of Cortland County Courts.

State of New York
Cortland County SS.
            On this Twenty fourth day of August Eighteen Hundred and Thirty Eight personally appeared before the Subscriber William Bartlet one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Cortland and State of New You’re the same being a Court of Record, Catharine Frank a resident of the Town of Virgil in said County of Cortland aged Seventy four years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 7th 1838 entitled an act granting half pay and pension to certain widows.  That she is the widow of Michael Frank who was a pensioner under the act of Congress of the 18th March 1818—She further declares that she was married to the said Michael Frank on the Third day of October Seventeen Hundred and Eighty Seven (1787) – That her husband the aforesaid Michael Frank died on the ninth day of April Eighteen Hundred and Thirty—That she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service, but the marriage took place previous to the first day of January seventeen hundred and Ninety four (1794) – Vizt at the time above stated.  (Signed with her mark) Catharine Frank
            Sworn to and Subscribed on the day and year above written before me.  William Bartlet, Judge of Cortland County Courts.

State of New York
Otsego County SS.
            On this twenty first day of January one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine—Personally appeared before the subscriber, a justice of the peace for the town of Cherry Valley in the County of Otsego and State of New York, Peter Och, resident of the Town of Cherry Valley in the County of Otsego and State of New York who being duly sworn according to law doth depose and say that he is the brother of Catherine Frank widow of Michael Frank late of the town of Virgil in the County of Cortland and State of New York—and that this deponent further sayeth that he was present at the marriage of his sister Catherine to Michael Frank and to the best of his recollection the marriage took place in the town of Fort Plain in the County of Montgomery and State of New York on the 3d day of October one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven (1787) And that his sister Catherine lived with the late Michael Frank as his lawful wife up to the time of said Michael Franks death and further this deponent saith not.  (Signed) Peter Och.
            Sworn and Subscribed this 21st day of January 1839 before me, Benjamin Davis Justice of the Peace.
            Albany 4513.  Catherine Frank, Widow of Michael Frank who was a Private in the Revolution.  Inscribed on the Roll at the rate of 80 Dollars 0 Cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1843.  Certificate of pension issued the 20 day of Jan. 1844 and sent to A. Munger, Owego, Tioga Co., N. York.  Act of March 3, 1843.  Date of death not shown on A.B.

Letter in Pension folder
            The data which follow are shown in the papers on file in pension claim, W. 24247, based upon service of Michael Frank in the Revolutionary War.
            Michael Frank was a native of Brunswick, German; the date of his birth and the names of his parents are not shown.
            He enlisted in October 1777, served as private in Captain Smith’s company, Colonel VanCortlandt’s 2nd New York regiment, was in the battle of Monmouth, and continued to service until June 7, 1783; he was honored with the Badge of Merit for five years and eight months faithful serve in the Revolutionary War.
            Michael Frank was allowed pension on his application executed April 11, 1818, at which time he resided in Virgil, Cortland County, New York.  In 1820, he gave his age as seventy-one years.  He died April 9, 1830 in Virgil, New York.
            The soldier married October 3, 1787, Catharine Och, who resided then in Fort Plain, Montgomery County, New York; the names of her parents are not shown.  They were married by Rev. Peek  (Peck) a German priest of that place.
            Catharine Frank, the soldier’s widow, was allowed pension on her application executed August 24, 1838, at which time she was aged seventy-four years.  In 1843, she was living in Owego, Tioga County, New York; her son, John Frank resided there at that time also.
            Michael Frank and his wife, Catharine, had a family of sons and daughters.  In 1820, three children lived at home with their parents, namely, George, Aged thirty, John, noted above, and Michael, Jr., aged fifteen years.  No other names of children were given.
            In 1839, Peter Och of Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York, and James Och, aged seventy-three years, of Easten, Madison County, New York, stated they were present at the marriage of their sister, Catharine, to Michael Frank in Fort Plain, New York.

End Notes—Michael Frank W-W24247

  1. Michael enlisted as a private on November 1, 1777 in Captain Samuel Sacket’s Company in Colonel Henry B. Livingston’s Fourth New York Continental Regiment.  By March 1778, he was in Captain Israel Smith’s Company in the Fourth New York Regiment.  By 1780 Michael enlists for “During War”.
  2. Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey was fought on June 28, 1778.  Michael made no mention of the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign of 1779 against the Iroquois.  On January 1, 1781, the Fourth New York was consolidated with the Second New York Continental Regiment under Colonel Philip VanCortlandt.  Michael continued to serve in Captain Smith’s Company.  Service for the Fourth New York is in Folders 56 (Sacket) and 57 (Smith) in the Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783, Series – M 246, Roll 71, National Archives, Washington D.C.  Service for the Second New York Regiment is in Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783, Series M-246, Roll 69, Folder 32, National Archives, Washington D. C.  In his service in the Second New York, he does not mention the Yorktown, Virginia Campaign of Sept. 28 to October 19, 1781.

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