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Audited Accounts, New York State
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marker Text Version of Audited Accounts, New York State.

markerAbbot, Joel. Letters
markerAmerican Prisoners of the Revolution by Danske Dandridge 1910
Arnold, Benedict
markerBattle of New Dorlach
markerBeatty, Lieut Erkuries Journal 1779 PDF
markerBeatty, Joseph, Intelligence Letter
markerBeekman, Lieut. Tjerck Journal 1779 PDF
markerBeekman, Lieut. Tjerck, Mess Account 1778 to 1780 PDF
markerBellinger, (letter)
markerBellinger, Col. Peter Receipts
markerBellinger, Col. Peter Regiment of Militia Feb. 1777
markerBrief History of the Battalion
markerBoardman, Oliver Journal
markerBratt's (Capt) Company June 1780
markerCanadian Regiments, Deserters
markerCaughnawaga Church Dispatches
markerCherry Valley Massacre
markerClaims Against The State
markerClaus, Lieut. Col.
markerClinton, George.  His Excellency by Spaulding (PDF)
markerClinton, Gov G. to Gen J. 6/20/1779
markerClinton, Gov G. to Gen. J. 6/22/1799
markerClinton, Gen. J to Gen. Washington
markerConflagration of May 1780
markerConflagration of May 1780, Part 2
markerConkling, Lt. Joseph's Company PayRoll, 1777
markerConnecticut Men, Record of Service PDF
markerConspiracies: Minutes of the Commissioners for detecting and defeating Conspiracies in the State of New York. 1909, Part One,Part Two, Part Three, Miscellaneous pages about Col. Klock. PDF format.
markerContinental Army
markerDeGraff's Company of Batteauman 1778
markerDeserters from the American side.
Dietz’, Lieutenant Johannes-- Company of Rangers—1778
markerDocuments Relating to the History of NY by Fernow 1887.
markerDubois, Clothing List, Ft. Montgomery 1777
markerEisenlord, John--Letter
markerETIG, Christian Summons
markerFate of a Scouting Party, Sept. 6, 1781
markerFifth Regiment of Tryon Co. Militia
markerFish House and Mayfield Invaded
markerForfeiture Sales (Loyalists' Property)
Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 5, Pt. 6, Pt 7, Pt. 8
markerFIRE in the Barracks
markerJellis Fonda's Payroll 1777
markerFort Chambly Rebel Prisoner Return Dec 1, 1779 PDF format.
markerFort Johnson - A fortified home
markerFort Klock, was it ever attacked?
markerFort Montgomery Servicemen
markerGardinier, Capt., 1st Co., 3rd Bat. PDF, 9 pgs.
markerGray, Capt. Samuel, Co. of Batteauman
markerGriffing, Stephen, Revolutionary Journal PDF
markerHall Battle or Battle of Johnstown
markerHanging in Canajoharie PDF.
Henry Hare, A Hanging in Canajoharie
markerHospital, sick and wounded
markerHUTCHINGS, Capt Amos Muster Roll
markerIndex to Commanding Officers NY in the Rev. PDF
markerJohn Brown's Letters, New England Genealogical Register Vol. 74 PDF
markerJohn Brown's Raid, Sept. 1777. PDF
markerJohn Brown from History of Pittsfield, 1869.
markerJohn Brown, Service in the Revolutionary War PDF format.

markerKlock Dispatches, 1780
markerKlock, Col. Jacob, patriot
markerKlock Correspondence
markerKLOCK, Jacob Last Will and Testament
markerLampman's Farm Skirmish
markerLee, Thomas, Muster Roll of his Company
markerLefler's Company of Boatmen
markerLivingston Letter
markerMalcom, Col. Muster Roll fall 1780
markerMcCrea, Jane--the story of her scalping
markerMcKeen, Robert, Muster Roll
markerMilitia Bills passed by the Provincial Congress
markerMilitary Journal of the American Revolution, Dr. James Thatcher, 1827.
markerMisc. Receipts, NYS & War Ofc.
markerMohawk Valley Forts
markerMuster Roll, Capt. James Dickson
markerMuster Roll, Capt. Wm James' Company Battomen
markerMuster Roll, Capt. C. Muller's Company PDF
markerMuster Roll, Capt. Jacob Lansing, list #1 PDF List #2
markerMuster Roll Capt Jas Stewarts 5th NY, Col Dubois
markerMuster Roll, Co. Baker's under John Torrey
markerMuster Roll Capt. VanYeverin
markerMuster Roll Capt. Jacobus Peek
markerMuster Roll Capt. Dirck Hanson's Company
marker Muster Roll Capt. Cornelius VanDyck's Company
markerMuster Roll VanRensselaers Co., Willett's Regt, 1781
markerNewspaper Reports
markerNew York in The Revolution 1898 by Roberts & Mather
markerOfficers Recommended, 1776
markerOneidas March Against Fort Oswegatchie
markerOrderly Book of Sir John Johnson, by DePeyster& Stone 1882.
ORDERLY BOOKS of The Fourth New York Regiment 1778-1780 The Second New York Regiment, 1780-1783.
marker Oswego Expedition, letter from Willet to Washington
markerPay Roll, Capt. Kaiser June 1777
markerPeek, Batteaumen Payroll
markerPellinger, Col. Frederick-letter 6/7/1776
markerPersons Confined in Jail
markerProblems in 1778
markerRaids, Mohawk, Schoharie Valley 1781
markerRebel Prisoners returned from Quebec, captured Jan. 1780 PDF
markerRebel Prisoners returned from Quebec captured July 1780 PDF
markerRoll in Battalion for Sir John Johnson 1777 PDF
markerSacondaga Blockhouse
markerSchoharie & Mohawk Valley Raids 1780

markerSherwood, Capt. (3rd Reg't)
markerSTARK, Gen., letter giving intelligence, 1778
markerThird Battalion, who served in the Levies
markerTories in Jail, sent to Conn.
markerTryon County Committe 2/4/1778
markerTryon, 1st Battalion, 8th Company
markerTryon 2nd Battalion PDF
markerUnadilla and the Butternuts
markerVan Schaick letter
markerVan Ranselear Letter
markerVeeder, Capt. Nicholas, Payroll for Company of Carpenters
marker Walker, Capt. Benjamin's Company
markerWashington to Gen. J. Clinton 1779
markerWest Canada Creek
marker Wiltse, Capt. Cornelius PayRoll
markerWoods, Capt. John PayRoll 1778-1779
markerWounded at Oriska

markerYates, Peter Colonel letters on Roll 78, Nat'l Archives
markerYates, Robert Abraham Company, in Third Battalion
marker Yates, Captain Jacob, letter

Heitman's Historical Register by Francis B. Heitman, the most extensive coverage of Civil War Officers as well as every regular officer who served during the period of 1783 to 1903. It contains almost 20,000 brief biographies and service records of now obscure figures and synopsis info on the regular army units with a listing of Field Grade Officers and their service. Army organizations, strength, battles, actions, C.S. general officers and contract surgeons. Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen, Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen, Part Nineteen, Part Twenty, Part Twenty-one, Part Twenty-two, Part Twenty-three, Part Twenty-four, Part Twenty-five, Part Twenty-six.

Morrison's Revolutionary War Pensions
Morrison's War of 1812 Pensions
Morrison's Civil War Pensions
French & Indian Wars


Two Centuries of Christian Worship Living and Labor. Lutheran Trinity Church, Stone Arabia NY. PDF Format

Partial book, Journal of Henry Livingston 1775 1898. PDF Format

Partial book, Original Manuscript of a Witness of the American Revolution from the Journal of American History. 1911. PDF Format

His Excellency George Clinton PDF Format

Records of the Revolutionary War by W.T.R. Saffell, 1858. PDF Format

Diary of Lieut. Jonathan Burton, While in the Canada Expedition, From Aug. 1, 1776 to Nov. 29, 1776. From the book -- Rolls of the Soldier in the Revolutionary War, Isaac W. Hammond 1885, Vol XIV. PDF Format

Journal of Bayze Wells May 1775-February 1777 -- from Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society Volume VII 1899 PDF Format

The Dutch Putmans: Ancestors and Descendants of Johannes Putman of Holland by Warren T. Putman, 1996. Used with permission and donated by Laura Greene. MS Word format.

Stowits and Gibson Families of the Mohawk Valley (PDF format) by Roderick J. Cant, 1931.


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