Morrison's Pensions

His Excellency George Clinton
Critic of the Constitution
by E. Wilder Spaulding
New York, The Macmillan Company, 1938

George Clinton, from a painting by Ezra Ames. Frontispiece
Chapter One.  Blue Blood
Chapter Two. War, Law, and the Sextant. Birthplace of George Clinton
Chapter Three.  Politics and a Good Marriage.  The City of New York About 1766-1767

Chapter Four.  The Radical Whig.
Chapter Five. Brigadier General Highlands of the Hudson.
Chapter Six.  Cousin Henry Attacks the Highlands.
Chapter Seven. First Governor of the State.
Chapter Eight  Hamilton Visits Little Britain
Chapter Nine. The War Governor. Miniatures of Mr. and Mrs. George Clinton.
Chapter Ten. Washington and Clinton Enter New York
Chapter Eleven. Stepfather of Vermont
Chapter Twelve. Honors for The Governor
Chapter Thirteen. Mr. Hamilton Scores a Victory
Chapter Fourteen. The Federalist Era.
Chapter Fifteen. John Adams Keeps the Vice Presidency.
Chapter Sixteen.  The Governor Turns Francophile
Chapter Seventeen.  Political Parties in New York
Chapter Eighteen. The Business of Speculation
Chapter Nineteen. The Heyday Of Republicanism
Chapter Twenty. Spoils of Office
Chapter Twenty-One. The Elimination of Aaron Burr
Chapter Twenty-Two. Poughkeepsie and Washington. Clinton Point at Poughkeepsie.
Chapter Twenty-Three. The Elusive Presideny
Chapter Twenty-Four. The Senate Mourns
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