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Pension Application for Cornelius Griffin

            The following is a handwritten note, no idea as to the author.
            Cornelius Griffin served in Captain Lestre’s Company Col. Abraham Brinkerhoof.  (1) Time of service, 6 months in the War of the Revolution.
            His birth day Nov. 20, 1749.  His marriage Oct. 29, 1768.  His height 5 ft 9 inch black eyes and hair dark complexion.  His time of service 6 months in the year 1777.  He was at Fort Montgomery on the 6th of Oct.  He was born in the Town of Fishkill Duchess [Dutchess] Co. NY.
            John C. Griffin was born in the same town & county Sept 18, 1774.
State of New York
Delaware County SS.
            John C. Griffin (2) of Middletown Delaware County aforesaid being duly sworn says that he and his brother Richard Griffin of the same place are the only heirs at law of Cornelius Griffin deceased of FishKill Dutchess County & New York State, that this deponent during the lifetime of this deponent’s father see in his possession a certificate of discharge granted to the said Cornelius Griffin from service in the Revolutionary War (so called) properly signed, &c, that this deponent since the death of the said Cornelius Griffin has made enquiries for said discharge but has been unable to find the same, & does not know what has become of the same, but is of the opinion the same is lost or destroyed.  (Signed) John C. Griffin
            Sworn before me Jany 21st 1856.  Wm. A. Ten Broeck, Justice of the Peace

End Notes

  1. So far, I haven’t found a Captain Lestre.  Abraham Brinkerhoof was the Lieutenant-Colonel of the Second Regiment of Dutchess County Militia.  He was appointed on October 17, 1775.  He was promoted Colonel on June 25, 1778 in place of Colonel Dirck Brinkerhoof who had resigned.
  2. John’s brother Richard also made out an affidavit  which stated the same information about their father.

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